Neil Patrick Harris Says Barney Won't Appear On How I Met Your Father Unless He's "Changed"

Neil Patrick Harris Says Barney Won't Appear On how I Met Your Father unless He's 'changed'

How I Met Your Father, the spinoff series for How I Met Your Mother, has taken off, and many fans might be hoping to see the legendary character Barney Stinson make a comeback.

Unfortunately, that might be harder than most people expect.

Even though Neil Patrick Harris, who played Barney, has talked about the likelihood of his character getting a cameo role with Hilary Duff, who is the lead role in the spinoff series, he does not think that's likely.


Harris feels that Barney should not appear in the new series unless he has made major changes to his character. In How I Met Your Mother, Barney was an unapologetic womanizer.

Harris takes an issue with the antics and delusions of his character's grandeur. That is why he does not feel it is in anyone's best interest for the character to make a comeback.

Hilary Duff, 34, also thinks that the Barney everyone knew would not make it in today's world and would probably be in jail in a post-#MeToo world.


She thinks this is why his role was given to a woman because we live in a world where females are coming into power. According to Duff, the Barney-esque character in the new series is Valentina (Francia Raisa).

Neil Patrick Harris Says Barney Won't Appear On how I Met Your Father unless He's "changed"

Even though Harris is not in the new spinoff series, some connections exist to the original show.

For instance, the new show has the same apartment set, which once belonged to Marshall, Lily, and Ted from the original show.

In the new series, Duff plays Sophie, a single woman who ultimately meets the father of her future children. The only difference between this show and the first is that the said father was introduced to audiences in the series's first season.


The show airs on Hulu on Tuesdays.