Naya Rivera's Son Tells Police He Watched Her Disappear Beneath Water At Lake

Naya Rivera’s Son Tells Police He Watched Her Disappear Beneath Water At Lake

A few days after the tragic disappearance of Naya Rivera at Lake Piru, her son, who was found safe and healthy, told police about something horrible.

Rivera's son, 4-year-old Josey Hollis, spoke to police officers in the days that followed the incident. He said that he watched his mother disappear beneath the water.

Some days ago, we woke up to the tragic news of Naya Rivera's disappearance. The thirty-three-year-old actress was reported to be missing, and authorities said she was presumed dead.


While Rivera was out vacationing with her son Josey along California's Lake Piru, she went missing under circumstances that remain unknown.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Riveras had rented a pontoon boat, and 3 hours later, a boatman raised the alarm when he saw the vessel sinking and Josey sleeping alone on board. Luckily, though, the boy was unharmed.

On arrival, the police found the actress's car parked nearby and her life jacket still on the boat.


It is believed that Rivera and her son were swimming in the lake. The child told the authorities he got back on the boat, but his mother didn't.

Since then, the police have reported that "this may well be a case of drowning," and police are now searching for the actress.


Police also used side-scanning sonar devices, which are towed by boats along the surface, to search for any objects at the bottom of the lake that might resemble a human body.

Divers and helicopters scoured the reservoir before the darkness fell, but no sign of Rivera was found, and the search will be resumed at the first light.

However, the search has proved to be very difficult, so far.


"There's a lot of challenges in a reservoir this size, at times with visibility," Captain Eric Buschow of the sheriff's department said.

"I don't have details yet as to the depth of the area where the boat was found or what conditions they're encountering out there." He continued.

Rivera has not been confirmed dead but missing. However, as the hours go by, there's growing anxiety and worry.


Her son, Josey, was found alone at the scene. And as per Sky News, Donoghue said police were "really holding on" to what the four-year-old had said.

"He observed his mother disappear beneath the water. So we are very confident she is in the water and that at some point in time, we will recover her from the lake," he added.

Rivera was a loving mother. And she was deeply loved, even by her ex-fiancé who opened up about her disappearance.


Big Sean, who's best known as a successful rapper, dated Rivera in 2013 for only one year before they split in 2014. However, they managed to remain on good terms over the years.

It is clear that the rapper was shocked by the news of his ex's disappearance, and he liked a lot of tweets that sent out condolences and good wishes in Rivera's name.

naya rivera's son tells police he watched her disappear beneath water at lake
naya rivera's son tells police he watched her disappear beneath water at lake

Donoghue then went on to explain the search process further:

Our first day was a rescue effort, it was a life-saving effort.

We searched with people on the ground, on the shoreline. We were looking not just for her physically. We were looking for any clues, any evidence that suggested she made it to shore.

If we thought for a moment that there was any chance she could be on land somewhere, if we had any other clues or corroborating information that led us in that direction, we would do that and we would be out there searching and looking.


CCTV footage of Rivera's final moments was released..


The video released is from the launch of the boat where Rivera rented the pontoon.

In the video, we can see Rivera and her son pulling up in a black car. Afterward, they get into the boat and then leave the dock.

A Ventura County Sheriff Department spokesperson had something to say about the incident:

There's no way to really say. We're putting our best foot forward to try and locate her. We're using all the assets that are available to us, including technology like sonar.


Many of you will remember Rivera from her role as Santana Lopez in the hit 2009 music show, Glee.

Santana seems cold-hearted and vicious in the beginning, but she eventually becomes a prominent character in the show and appears in most episodes across all of the six seasons.

After Her role in Glee, Rivera moved into the world of music. In 2011, it was revealed that the actress had signed a contract with Columbia Records to produce her solo album and her debut single, "Sorry."


Unfortunately, her music career never really took off, so she returned to her roots as an actress, managing to star in several movies and TV shows, including At The Devil's Door and Devious Maids.

However, more recently, Rivera had been focused on something else. Since she had her son, Josey, with her then-husband, Ryan Dorsey, in 2015, she had dedicated her full attention to the young boy.


In 2018, following her divorce from Josey's father, Rivera had agreed to joint custody, then she devoted her time to raising her adorable son, Josey.

Since the news broke, heart-broken fans have taken to social media for support. Twitter users have been sharing their feelings about the incident, and most can't handle what the poor child is going through.


At the moment, all we can do is pray for her son and hope that she is eventually found.