Natalie Lee Bio, Instagram, Dating

Natalie Lee Bio, Instagram, Dating

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Birth Place

Moscow, Russia

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5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)


126 pounds (57 kgs)



Hair Color


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Tattoos And Piercings

Natalie Lee has a dragon tattoo on her right thigh.

Best Known For

Lee is best known for her hot pictures on Instagram, although she is also quite famous as a talented disk jockey and has even earned herself the World's Sexiest DJ.

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Number Of Instagram Followers (Updated September 2021)

6.4 million

Who Is Natalie Lee Dating?

Lee is currently dating Aleksandr Mavrin, who is also her photographer. They fell in love while working together. Fortunately, she has been quite open about her relationship.

Natalie Lee Boyfriends/Girlfriends

Currently, Lee is dating Mavrin, her photographer and the owner of Mavrin Studios and Mavrin Models. He is behind the beautiful pictures Natalie uploads to her Instagram account.

Natalie Lee Instagram

Natalie Lee first posted on Instagram in 2018. On average, she gets about 300k likes on her posts, although some get up to over 600k likes.

About Natalie Lee

Natalie has been passionate about modeling ever since she was young, but she really hit her stride as she turned into a young adult and got on social media. Today, she uploads lots of pictures of herself in bikinis.

She went to high school in Moscow before joining a private college in the city.

She has a curvy, hourglass-shaped body which makes her quite delightful to her fans.

In addition to being an Instagram model, Natalie Lee is also an accomplished blogger. She particularly likes to share her travel experiences, daily activities, and personal opinions on her personal website with thousands of fans.


Natalie Lee was born in Russia, and not much else is known about her family, although she has shared plenty about her romantic relationship. However, her family apparently introduced her to the world of fashion at a young age, which is why she grew up with a strong desire to get into the modeling industry.

Interesting Facts

Natalie dreamed of being a model since she was young, and the dream finally came true when she started posting images of herself on Instagram a few years back. She started working as a model in 2018, and she currently operates two Instagram accounts.

Each of her posts seems to drive her fans crazy, which is why the number of people following her on Instagram has grown astronomically over the past few years. Today, advertisers pay her lots of money to create posts that feature their brands.

At the moment, Natalie Lee is a leading model for Fashion Nova, a leading global clothing brand, and they apparently pay her thousands of dollars every time she makes a post promoting them.

In addition to being a model and a social media influencer, Natalie Lee is also a DJ, a job she has been doing since 2019. In fact, she enjoys the unique honor of being the World's Sexiest DJ.