NASCAR Bans The Confederate Flag After Bubba Wallace, The Only Black Driver, Makes The Request

Nascar Bans The Confederate Flag After Bubba Wallace, The Only Black Driver, Makes The Request

NASCAR has made a move that has angered some and made others very happy. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing took a stand on the Black Lives Matter Movement.

NASCAR chose to ban the Confederate flag at all future events. This came after Bubba Wallace made a request to have it removed.

In addition to this, Bubba was given the chance to drive a Black Lives Matter car at the Cup Series in Virginia.

Dark History Of The Confederate Flag

Traditionally, the Confederate Flag is flown in support of the US Confederate States. While many would say the flag is a symbol of their patriotism, it is actually very much anti-US.

The Confederacy withdrew from the United States because it wanted to continue with the slavery of Africans. For most people, the flag represents bigotry and racism. Often, the flag is used to intimate African-Americans.

NASCAR's Opinion

In their official statement, NASCAR stated that the presence of the flag at events is in contradiction with their commitment to welcome and include all fans and competitors.

Bubba Wallace's Request

Bubba's request came out of respect for NASCAR fans. He believes that no one should be uncomfortable when they watch a race. There's no place for the Confederate Flag.

During an interview, the racer showed that he appreciates the swift action taken by NASCAR. He gave 'props' to everyone involved.

Bubba added that he knew some people will be upset but he doesn't care all that much. He feels it is time for a change.

NASCAR's Reaction To George Floyd's Death

The tragic death of George Floyd caused waves in America and NASCAR released a statement. In it, they stated that it is time for the US to move forward and heal.

The country needs to unite against hatred and racism. In addition, NASCAR said citizens need to hold themselves accountable so positive change can happen.

The Black Lives Matter Car

For the rest of the series, Bubba will be driving a Black Lives Matter car. It is his original car and has been painted black. It also features the BlackLivesMatter hashtag. Along with that, the words love, understanding, and compassion will be on the car's hood. There is also a picture of a black hand holding a white hand.

Bubba feels that by being so visual, more awareness about the Black Lives Matter movement is created. He hopes that people will learn more and have a better understanding of what is happening in America.

The Reaction Of Other Drivers And Sports Stars

There has been a mixed reaction to the banning of the Confederate Flag. Dale Earnhardt Jr. supports the decision. In a cryptic Twitter post, the driver stated that he hopes the recent race becomes a more common one. Added to the tweet was a photo of Bubba's car.

LeBron James, one of the biggest NBA stars ever, is also very happy about the change that is happening. Although he feels it should have happened long ago, he thanked NASCAR for 'stepping out on the right side of history'.

However, one of the people not happy with the flag ban is Ray Ciccarelli. He will be leaving NASCAR when the season is over. According to Ray, the ban is political nonsense. He says he does not care about the flag and there are people who use it but are not racists.

Jimmie Johnson, another driver, is in full support of the move. He says the flag has its place in history but should stay in books, not be flown at racetracks.