Narcissists Abuse People And Still Manage To Look Good: Here's How They Do It

Narcissists Abuse People And Still Manage To Look Good: Here’s How They Do It

You have heard of narcissists, right? Come on, I'm sure you have. You might even be able to spot one before getting in too deep with them. Good for you. Avoiding narcissists can save you from a world of hurt.

As You Probably Know, Narcissists Ooze Charm

It's what they use to conceal who they really are. They are different with each person, and you better watch out because you never know which mask they are wearing.

Narcissists know how to make everyone they meet like them. They have a way with words.

But in their predatory interactions with people, they seek people full of compassion and empathy. These people are better than them by miles, and that sets off their desire to destroy and tear apart.

A Narcissist Has To Be The Best, No Matter What

But narcissists are subtle and wily, and many of their victims don't see them coming. They fall for the charm; they commit themselves; they get destroyed and forget reality. The narcissist abuses and manipulates them.

And how exactly do narcissists get away with this?

They can start with compliments when in public settings, but these often turn to criticisms when it's just you and the narcissist.

Narcissists Are Masters At Playing With Other People's Emotions

Doing this makes the victim feel emotionally unstable. Hell, they can even make their victims look like the abusers.

That is how narcissists work. They put you on a pedestal until you can't help but want them around because you feel they have your best interests at heart. But once you get attached, they tear you down and make you a shell of your former self.

It will start with doubts. A narcissist will never want you to know where you stand with them. With that doubt in your mind, you will never trust your decisions and will be likely to do whatever the narcissist wants.

You Can Never Win Against A Narcissist

They know how to win people's trust through their charm, intellect or something else.

Through the 'halo effect', a psychological term, most people automatically assume because of this single quality, narcissists are so full of goodness.

What many people forget is that narcissists have worked on developing this trait all their lives so you can trust them more easily. They have learned how to look caring, warm, and charming.

Narcissists Can Easily Feign Kindness And Earn People's Trust

But once things go south, they will throw you under the bus without a moment's hesitation.

And how do we keep falling for narcissists all the time?

It's simple: when we get insulted, instead of seeing the meanness for what it is, we feel sorry and empathetic and imagine that, deep down, these people are good and it's just that the world does not see it.

But I am sure that if you listen closely enough, the voice deep within you is telling you the truth about what is going on. Always pay attention to that voice and you will never be disappointed.

If you have survived a narcissist, and you see a friend falling for their charms, help them avoid the storm they are about to jump into. With my effort and yours, we can keep narcissists from churning out victims by their numbers.