Narcissist Gets Away With Abusing People And Pretending To Be Good

Narcissist Gets Away With Abusing People And Pretending To Be Good

This will be a very touchy subject that is needed to set a lot of people free from a person that is considered a narcissist. Please understand that a narcissistic person is extremely manipulative and they know how to easily find a victim to control.

Narcissists can get away with abusing people and getting inside a person's head because they have a keen understanding of how to twist things around and make it seem like they are helping you. When in reality, they are just controlling you.

They seem to always have a very good reason why you should or shouldn't do something. They will react so passionately about anything they are talking about that it makes you trust their wisdom.

Did you know that narcissism is a personality disorder and does need to be treated?

But a lot of times, the narcissist person doesn't feel like anything is wrong with them. Therefore they will continue to go through life with a chip on their shoulders when in all actuality, they need counseling.

A lot of times, we seem to want a person that can be honest with us and tell us the truth.

However, a narcissist loves criticizing and finding something wrong with any situation. Instead of you putting a stop to all of the criticism, you allow yourself to continue to listen to it and start agreeing with them. Even though deep down inside, you know it's wrong and a bit much. But again, you will begin to think you need this person in your life because they are not boring at all and appear to be in control. But these people have a disorder, which is why they can talk about all kinds of issues but negatively.

A narcissist also has a way of turning a problem back onto the other person.

Making them feel like they are the one in the wrong is a perfected skill to them. This happens because they only look at the situation from their perspective and the only problem with that is, the way they perceive things is usually wrong. When you have continually been told you are the one in the wrong, you begin to believe it must be your fault over time.

A narcissist will isolate you and make you feel like the only person that you can depend on is them.

This is another way that makes them seem like a good person because they will cause you to see everyone close to you as your enemy. They will make it seem like people are talking about you and the only person they can depend on is them. You begin to only rely on them and feel grateful that you can depend on somebody.

If you are dealing with a narcissistic person, then get away as far as you can because the only thing that a narcissistic person can truly do is tear you down.