Weird Story

Naked Woman Gets Her Entire Body Painted Like Clothes Then Walk Around A Mall

naked woman get her entire body painted like clothes then walk around a mall

Remember all those banana bread recipes that we tried over the past couple of months? Or the Dalgona coffee, or the hair experiments that we did at home?

Just when we thought that the era of the quarantine trends finally came to an end, something new hit the light of the day.

An expanding pattern repeats itself all over again, and the little fires are everywhere around the Internet!

What's The Fuss About

naked woman gets her entire body painted like clothes then walk around a mall

An increasing number of women have already painted their bodies, so they could look as though they're wearing clothes.
Except for the fact that they aren't.

They're wearing only their underwear, and everything else on them is painted.
Sounds silly?!

Painting Your Own Clothes

naked woman gets her entire body painted like clothes then walk around a mall

Maria Luciotti joined the crowd. After she got her body painted, she went to test the waters in a shopping center to see how people would react to her naked but painted body.

At first glance, there's nothing more than an ordinary girl who wears a black turtleneck and ripped skinny jeans. But people always notice even unnoticeable things.

Boys Will Be Boys

This is a great pointer to how people can be judgy.
When she got into a store, the clerks seemed ignorant. Because yes, she was just a girl that entered the shop. But was she really?

Once they noticed that she didn't wear actual clothes, they acted like the whole mall went on fire.
It's funny how all the boys were kind of feeling intimidated. They rushed, blabbered something, and watched her from a distance, letting Maria do her thing.

Maria: "We could use some help. Umm, I'm looking for some - you're off the clock."

Clerk: "Oh yeah! I'm off! I'm off, I'm sorry!"

Girls Supporting Girls

Girls and women, on the contrary, were friendlier. Small talks, short but engaging conversations, followed with humor and sarcasm.

When Maria asked a girl from the clothing store to check her tag, the girl was shy, but she didn't walk away like many others before.
She even offered to give her the clothes she chose so that Maria could try them.

In a lingerie store, Maria asked to be measured for her bra-size.
The comments and the support she got there were priceless.

"I love it. I love it, I love it! Let's do this! Oh, I love it! I love everything about this experience, thank you for choosing me!"

"Those pants look good!"

"She is body banging!"

"She's perfect!"

"I love her butt!"

Excellent job, girls. This is how it's done.

Wear Your Naked Skin

Self-acceptance is a hard pill to swallow. Especially nowadays, when all social media aim to show bodies that are sculpted nearly to perfection.
The pressure that mass-media has on young people is taking its toll.

But do you know that getting naked isn't just something we do when we take showers? Being able to feel your own naked skin has its own perks.
When you get naked more often, you get to know your body. You notice every curve and every mark, and you learn to appreciate your body.

Praise the naked skin! Indeed, it's all we really have!