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Naked Cleaning Company Boss Says That Business Is Booming Post Lockdown

naked cleaning company boss says that business is booming post lockdown

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, many businesses have been struggling to stay afloat. While they can't wait for this dark period to pass, there's a company that has been growing by leaps and bounds during this pandemic.

This is according to the woman who runs a naked cleaning company. The cleaning services the company offers have reached an all-time high during the pandemic.

The Naked Cleaning Company was launched by Nikki Belton, 34, at the beginning of the year 2020. As soon as the COVID-19 crisis began, she was forced to close up shop and go home.

Cleaners were later allowed to continue working, and since her return, she has seen a surprising increase in demand for her company's services.

Cleaning Services More Important Than Ever Today

naked cleaning company boss says that business is booming post lockdown

According to Nikki, it would seem that this job is now more important than it has ever been due to the pandemic. As a result, demand for naked cleaners has been very high:

"Everybody's been struggling throughout the lockdown and we hope to help clean away coronavirus, one naked cleaner at a time."

"We're here to provide a smile and also help clean people's homes because, at the end of the day, we're professional cleaners who are there to do a job."

The woman also thinks that it is fortunate that people enjoy the quirky service her company offers after the turmoil the coronavirus pandemic has caused.

She admits that being locked up was draining her mentally, and so she totally gets how people feel about the pandemic:

"Naked cleaning is bringing back happiness, fun, and a sense of well-being after lockdown."

New Measures Now In Place

Nikki admits that things are not as they were before the lockdown. The cleaners now have to do their work with new measures to avoid spreading or contracting COVID-19.

After the cleaners were allowed to get back to work, they had to wear masks and maintain social distance when inside people's homes.

Nikki says that many of her customers have confessed to the satisfaction of seeing a happy face once more, especially those who have had nowhere to go for several months.

Loneliness has pushed more people to enlist the services cleaning companies offer because this gives them a chance to be around other happy people.

For Nikki, this golden opportunity for her and her cleaners to get back to work has given her quite the boost.

naked cleaning company boss says that business is booming post lockdown

The cleaners are not completely naked. After all, they have to wear a mask.

In some ways, that probably makes them a little more enticing for their clients. Besides, not a lot of guys would have any complaints about having young women clean their homes in the nude.

Considering that strip clubs are closed, this is the best alternative they have at the moment. The best part is that this option comes with a clean home.

If you want to enjoy the services Nikki and her cleaners offer, you will have to part with £95 an hour. If you feel that's too steep, then you can go with the £75 option, but the girls will keep their lingerie on.

That's definitely a difficult choice. Fortunately, both options will leave your house sparkling clean.