Naked Attraction Host Left Speechless By Size Of Bloke's Manhood

The host of Naked Attraction, Anna Richardson, was surprised by the large size of a contestant's genitals.

Many people find dating challenging because initiating conversation and finding common ground can be uncomfortable.

Channel 4's dating show Naked Attraction, however, eliminates all of that and goes straight to the most awkward part - seeing each other without clothes.


However, for some participants, it may not be as bad, especially if they have physical attributes they are proud to display.

In one of the recent episodes, Richardson was left speechless when a contestant with large genitalia appeared on the show.

The show began with Adele, a courageous cancer survivor, who was searching for a long-term partner after a series of relationships with "bad boys."


As the episode progressed, Adele was impressed by the nudity of the contestants as she gradually got to see more of them through the colored pods.

However, the man in the red pod caught the attention of both Adele and Richardson, specifically due to his impressive genitals.


After looking at the contestant, the shocked host asked Adele: "What do you think of red?"

Adele confirmed that she was definitely interested in the potential suitor in front of her, not just because of his genitals.

She also mentioned that she was intrigued by his tattoos.

In response, Richardson exclaimed: "You've got the world's biggest p**is staring back at you and you're looking at his tattoos!"


She continued to say: "We all like a big one but blimey!"

Clearly impressed by what she saw, Adele kept the well-endowed contestant until the end of the show, where he was among the final two.

At that point, he said that his name was Jordan and he was a student.


After the rounds, Adele chose to go on a date with Jordan and the two seemed to get along well while having drinks together.

At the end of the show, it was revealed that Jordan had not maintained contact with Adele, revealing that things were not as they appeared.

Adele, speaking to cameras one month after their date, reflected on their date and said: "We got on great, we exchanged numbers, we were going to go on a second date.


"And then when you'd text, he'd read it and didn't reply. So we've not spoken since, like, three weeks a go."


She continued: "If anyone was to say, 'How was the show?'. I'd totally recommend it for anyone who is wanting to put themselves out there and boost their confidence.

"And I think it proves as well, that you can go through something s***ty like cancer and you can still go out there and do."