N.C. 1-Year-Old Killed By Her Family's Pit Bull

N.C. 1-Year-Old Killed By Her Family's Pit Bull

Dogs, as many would say, are the best pets to have around. Their jovial mood is one of a kind. There is no better feeling than arriving home to find your dog waiting for you at the door wagging its tail. Dogs are known to be the best companions and stress relievers, especially to individuals who live alone. Also, dogs are known to offer some security. However, on one occasion or another, news of the same lovely pets is turning against their owners.

For example, on the 22nd of October, a sheriff's office based in North Carolina received a strange call concerning a dog attack. On the other end was Miranda Harrell. Miranda was scared to death and could not speak clearly. All that she could say was that she needed help and that her daughter was dying. According to Miranda, a six-year-old pit bull they had around for some time was mauling their one-year-old daughter to death.

Miranda was asking for help from the local sheriff because the pit bull seemed determined to turn against the family. According to Miranda, they were having a typical family day with her daughter. The two were playing in the yard outside their home in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. That's when the family pet decided to carry out the attack.

As any other caring mother would do, Harrell tried all she could to rescue her daughter from the animal. According to the report filed, the scared mother first decided to open the pit bull's mouth but to no avail. She even tried to use a stick but didn't succeed. The caring mother went ahead to look for a heavy object, and which she used to hit the dog on the head, but still, the dog would not let go of her daughter, Triniti.

Miranda couldn't give up. She went ahead to look for a knife. According to the local police report, the scared mother tried to slit the monster's throat. The dog was still not ready to give up. As a result, Miranda went ahead and tried to stab the dog, but all this effort went to waste. It's at this point that Miranda called 911 for help.

On receiving the call, the Edgecombe County deputies didn't hesitate. They drove as quickly as they could to Miranda's home. On arriving at the scene, the six-year-old pit bull still had Triniti in its mouth. The deputies had to act quickly to save the poor kid. As a result, they shot the dog twice, and that's when it released the little girl. First responders were also there on time. They performed an emergency first aid on Triniti to stabilize her as her life was clinging on the edge of a knife.

Triniti was then rushed to the University of North Carolina Children's Hospital. Triniti's condition was critical because she had accumulated critical injuries. Sadly, and according to the Telegram, WRAL, and WCNC, Triniti succumbed to her injuries. According to the E.W. Muse of the sheriff's office, there were no charges expected in the awful event. The office went ahead to ask people to remember Triniti's family in prayers because of the ruthless incident. Based on the report filed, the dog involved was a pit bull mix.