Mysterious 'UFO' Spotted Zooming At '2,000mph' Over Beach During Storm


A beach visitor in Florida managed to record a mysterious event where a possible 'UFO' seemed to zoom at incredible speeds of '2,000 MPH' over the beach.

Carmen Rich, a financial analyst, was recording a storm at Fort Lauderdale Beach on June 17 when he noticed a peculiar 'ball of light' moving across the sky. He firmly believes it was not lightning.

Watch the video below:

The astonishing video has been slowed down to reveal the 'UFO' as it appears and swiftly vanishes in a flash. Carmen can be heard exclaiming, "Wow, did you see that just shoot across?"


The event occurred so rapidly that his step-sister, Jennifer Rich, 20, blinked and missed it entirely.

Carmen, who hails from Boston, Massachusetts, shared: "It was the fastest thing I've seen in my entire life and if it was going that fast I figured it would be making some type of noise but it didn't."

"The thing in the back was a plane and that's where you can get a gauge for how fast this thing was. Jennifer turned around, blinked and then missed it."


"I saw it past the phone with my own eyes. I shouted immediately and ended the video because I wanted to see if I actually did get it. I wondered if I was crazy."


He added: "It was much bigger with my own eyes. The camera shows a light ball but in person it looked much bigger."

"I was on vacation so I was supposed to act normal but that night I actually was scared."

"I'm glad I had that type of experience versus a closer one that other people say they've had."

"I believe it was a UFO. It could have been human, it could have been non-human but it was an unknown flying object."


"I don't know if it's an alien craft. I don't think we're alone in the universe but I don't think the government tells us all the technology that they have either."

"I don't know what it was but it was something the public won't know about for a very long time if at all.

"I showed some local guys and they said they'd never seen anything like it before in their life."


The 29-year-old firmly believes that claiming there's only human life on Earth is ignorant.

Responding to his Facebook post, one user commented: "Wow, That was incredible!"

A second stated: "They [aliens] love thunderstorms. This is how they charge their flying ships. I have also seen, photographed and filmed it several times myself."

A third wrote: "Wow, I had to take a double look when you mentioned it, that's crazy! Good catch!"