Mysterious Sighting Of 'UFO With Spinning Green Lights' In Ohio

Given the events of recent years, the sight of aliens appearing in the sky wouldn't be too surprising. However, it appears that some residents in Ohio may have already witnessed something extraordinary on Wednesday (June 21).

In Middletown, a strange 'UFO' caught the attention of several individuals, as spinning green lights were spotted in the nighttime sky. In fact, one local resident managed to capture footage of the spectacle around 10:30 pm (local time).

Eyewitness Bryce Garrick shared that he noticed the peculiar phenomenon while driving, observing five lights moving in a circular motion above his vehicle.

However, in a blink of an eye, they swiftly vanished, disappearing at incredible speed.

Another startled onlooker, Caden Little, described the experience to a local news station, WCPO, as "scary," but noted that within just a couple of seconds, the object was completely out of sight.

"It looked like something I'd never seen before at all. I had seen drones fly before and this was not like any type of drone," he said.

"The way it moved and how fast it could take off... I've never seen anything like it."

Surprisingly, despite the unusual sighting, the Butler County Sheriff's Office claims they didn't receive any calls regarding the lights, and dispatchers are unable to provide an explanation for the strange occurrence.

Before jumping to conclusions, it's worth noting that some individuals have raised doubts about the authenticity of the recorded footage.

Bryan Simpson, President of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society, has even suggested that the footage could be a hoax.

"I think the real test of authenticity is if you get a lot of reports of the same thing," he said. "Otherwise it's probably fake. And by lots, I want to see at least 20 different reports."

Simpson further proposed that the video could have been deliberately staged for social media, utilizing readily accessible special effects that are common these days.

"This is so easy to fake with off-the-shelf motion graphics software for TikTok likes," he added.

Simpson expressed his intention to investigate the peculiar sighting further, yet he currently lacks a conclusive explanation.

Nonetheless, the absence of a clear answer hasn't deterred those who maintain a belief in the possibility. Interest in UFOs has been growing, especially since NASA's recent public meeting addressing the subject.

While encountering extraterrestrial beings at your front door is highly unlikely, it may still be worthwhile to occasionally lift your gaze from your phone and observe the world around you.