Mysterious 'Road To Atlantis' Found In Uncharted Pacific Ocean Region

A team of researchers recently embarked on an exploration of the ocean floor. During their expedition, they unexpectedly came across a mesmerizing formation on the forest floor that resembled something out of a fairy tale or a long-lost world.

It resembled either the famous yellow brick road or the legendary path leading to the Lost City of Atlantis. Watch the video to hear what the scientists have to say about their remarkable discovery.

Researchers Discover The 'Road To Atlantis' On The Bottom Of The Ocean Floor

Last month, a team of oceanographers embarked on an exploration mission in an uncharted region of the Pacific Ocean. They boarded the EV Nautilus, operated by the Ocean Exploration Trust, to begin their journey.

To share their exciting findings and discoveries, they set up a 24/7 live stream on board, allowing viewers to witness their exploration in real time.

This expedition, named Luʻuaeaahikiikekumu, focuses on the exploration of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (PMNM). Located outside of Hawaii, the PMNM is a protected marine area in the North Pacific Ocean.

Surprisingly, only three percent of the ocean floor in this region has been mapped so far. The researchers aim to extensively map this specific section of the ocean during their expedition.

Strange Geological Formations

During the recent live stream, the researchers encountered an unexpected sight that left them astonished. They stumbled upon a remarkable collection of geological formations that strikingly resembled a road made of bricks.

The researchers were overwhelmed with amazement, and their excitement can be heard as they discuss the discovery on the live stream.

"It's the road to Atlantis," said one.

"That's a really unique structure," said another.

As the researchers marveled at the sight, one of them drew a comparison to the fabled road to Atlantis, while another researcher had a different fantasy roadway in mind.

"This is the yellow brick road," another claimed.

"Are you kidding me? This is crazy," a fourth added.

Not The Road To Atlantis

The scientists were quick to clarify that, while it's entertaining to imagine, the formation is not a man-made road. Instead, it is a highly distinctive geological formation.

They explained that it is composed of volcanic rock that has undergone fracturing due to the heating and cooling associated with nearby volcanic eruptions. This explanation was provided in the caption of the YouTube video.

The formation was observed at the peak of Nootka Seamount, an underwater mountain created by volcanic activity over a depth of more than a thousand meters beneath the ocean's surface.

The scientists identified the formation as hyaloclastite, which is a type of glassy rock formed when lava comes into contact with water or ice and subsequently cools down.

Not The Research Team's Only Finding

Although the discovery of the brick road formation was undoubtedly surprising, it was just one of the many astonishing findings made by the team of scientists during their expedition. Thousands of feet beneath the ocean's surface, they have encountered numerous remarkable sights.

These include peculiar sea creatures like sea pigs, sea stars feasting on coral, and even dancing sea cucumbers.

If you're fascinated by the mysteries of the seafloor, you can join their captivating journey and witness their authentic reactions by tuning in to the live stream on YouTube. This is an excellent opportunity to stay updated on the fascinating discoveries unfolding at the depths of the ocean.