The Mysterious Life Of Rose Bundy, Daughter To Ted Bundy

The Mysterious Life Of Rose Bundy, Daughter To Ted Bundy

Rose Bundy was an innocent child born under a name that carried both fame and shame. She would carry the burden of having been born a Bundy for the rest of her life. The life of Rose Bundy is largely a mystery - unlike the life of her infamous father.

The Mysterious Life Of Rose Bundy

The Mysterious Life Of Rose Bundy, Daughter To Ted Bundy

On the 24th of October 1982, Rose Bundy was introduced to the world. To many people, this was just another day with the birth of another child. However, there was nothing ordinary about this child, thanks to her parents.

Rose Bundy was the daughter of Carol Boone and Theodor Bundy - commonly known as Ted Bundy. The one thing that made this baby so special was not the child herself but the mere fact that she was the only biological daughter of the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy.

From what we know about Rose Bundy, she was a healthy and happy child. She did not choose her family, but Bundy's name carries a heavy load, and heavy is the head that wears the crown titled Bundy.

To really understand why many people want to know more about Rose Bundy, we would need to start at the beginning. Before her conception, perhaps even before her parents' bizarre wedding. We would need to focus on the center of the fascination with Rose Bundy and accept that this fascination is not necessarily about Rose Bundy but her father and who he was.

Who Was Rose Bundy's Father?

The Mysterious Life Of Rose Bundy, Daughter To Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is the biological father of Rose Bundy. The Bundy name has been cast into the spotlight since the mid-1970s when Ted Bundy was charged for the murders and assaults of numerous women across the United States.

What made Bundy so interesting was that he in no way fitted the usual profile of a serial killer. He came from a good Christian family, and he was charming, charismatic, intelligent, and had been in a very stable relationship with a woman named Elizabeth Kendall for many years.

Women were attracted to him and his charm. He was well-spoken and, for the most part well mannered. He was also cunning and, by all means, considered evil. He used his charming traits to lure women into a false sense of safety around him so that they would trust him. Once he has lured in his victims, he would attack them.

Ted Bundy had a knack for displaying his best self to the world, all while masking the evil and darkness that lived just below the surface.

Bundy was accused of multiple murders across the United States. His crimes stretched across the Pacific North Coast into Colorado and even Florida. Bundy was put on the suspect list, but the police never had any concrete evidence connecting him to any of the murders being investigated.

During the 70s, technology was not as advanced as it is now. There was no DNA profiling. Since Bundy would move across state lines to commit these crimes, the police struggled to keep up with him. Information was not easily shared between different crime units in the different states.

It was in Colorado where Bundy ran a traffic light and was stopped by the police. He had some suspicious items in his Volkswagen - rope, duct tape, a police uniform, and a crowbar. The state of Colorado finally had him, and he was charged with the murder of two young women in Aspen. However, the trial was cut short when Bundy escaped prison and fled to Florida, only to be recaptured in Florida after committing some heinous crimes and attacks on women.

Authorities decided to trial him in Florida rather than send him back to Colorado. One of the main reasons for this decision was that the defense attorneys wanted the maximum punishment - a death sentence.

The Inappropriate Proposal

Bundy maintained that he was innocent despite the pile of evidence against him, and many people across America believed him. One woman, in particular, was no exception - Carol Boone.

Boone firmly believed that Bundy was innocent and that the police had indeed set him up. Boone was Bundy's biggest activist on the outside. It is believed that Boone helped him flee to Florida before he was recaptured. However, there is no evidence proving this.

Just when people believed Bundy was trying to manipulate the public, he started a romantic relationship with Boone.

During Bundy's second murder trial in Florida, whilst representing himself in court, he requested that Boone take the stand as a character witness. Bundy used this opportunity to propose to Boone.

He was smart and knew that there was a loophole in the judicial system that if Boone accepted his marriage proposal in the presence of a judge that it made the proposal legitimate.

The courtroom was shocked by this declaration and felt that both Boone and Bundy were making a mockery of the trial. The defense team felt Bundy did this to sway the jury into pitying him - an innocent man in love, a new bride, and all while he was charged for crimes he claimed he didn't commit.

Creating Life On Death Row

The Mysterious Life Of Rose Bundy, Daughter To Ted Bundy

Bundy was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to death via the electric chair. He would live out his remaining years on Death Row.

The Death Row ward was separate from other parts of the prison. There was maximin security in place as these inmates were considered dangerous and a serious threat to society.

It came as a shock to the public when Boone announced she was pregnant and that Bundy was the father. It seemed that it would have been impossible for them to have conceived a child whilst Bundy was on Death Row.

All prison visits were meant to be monitored, and prisoners were not to be left alone with their visitors. It seemed that there had to have been a bending of the rules that allowed Boone and Bundy to be intimate while he was incarnated.

In the Netflix documentary Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, Boone is shown in an interview confirming that she and Bundy would bribe the prison guards to turn a blind eye allowing them to engage in sexual intercourse on many occasions.

Bundy and Boone were both thrilled with the pregnancy. This pregnancy was not accidental; Boone had wanted a child with Bundy. It seemed bizarre to want a child with a man who was incarcerated and awaiting his death sentence, but Boone was Bundy's dedicated and loving wife.

A Happy Family

The Mysterious Life Of Rose Bundy, Daughter To Ted Bundy

Despite being a merciless murderer, Bundy never inflicted any harm upon Rose or Boone. He maintained he was innocent and was a man of sound mind. He did his best to portray this to the public.

Some unverified photographs show Bundy with his daughter and wife in the prisons' visiting rooms. They appeared to be a happy and loving family. The public was not pleased with this seemingly peaceful life Bundy was living whilst in prison.

It is unimaginable the anger and pain that the parents of his victims felt seeing him holding his daughter, knowing that he was responsible for taking their daughters from them.

But the Bundy's family life didn't last long.

The Mysterious Life Of Rose Bundy, Daughter To Ted Bundy

When Rose Bundy was only four years old, her mother divorced Bundy. Boone left Florida and moved to Washington with children Rose and James - her son from a previous relationship. Boone left Bundy just three years before he was executed.

In the final weeks leading up to Bundy's execution, he started to confess to many of the murders. He tried to blame his sickness on his addiction to porn. It was a final plea to the public to buy him more time. All that he did was shock all the people who believed he was innocent - including Boone.

Many have labeled Boone as Bundy's final victim. She was both manipulated and humiliated by him in front of the rest of America. She had married him and bore his child. She loved him and believed he had been wrongfully charged. This world she had created with Bundy at the center had come crumbling down when he admitted he was guilty.

Boone never saw nor spoke to Bundy again. She even rejected his final call from prison the day he was executed.

Where Is Rose Bundy Now?

The Mysterious Life Of Rose Bundy, Daughter To Ted Bundy

Since Bundy's execution in 1989, Boone and her children have seemly disappeared off the face of the earth. It is widely speculated that Boone changed her name and her children's names in an attempt to remove herself from the public eye.

It is a logical assumption that their names have changed as no one has ever been able to track them down since Bundy was executed.

It is unknown if Boone and her children stayed in Washington after Bundy's execution. The life of Ted Bundy's former family remains a real mystery.

They have kept their lives under a veil of privacy, which is understandable considering that they were part of the life of the most infamous and truly evil serial killer of all time.

The one thing that we do know about Rose Bundy is her age. She would now be 39 years old. Whether she has a family, where she lives, and how she feels about her childhood remain a mystery.

Some people believe that Rose Bundy now lives under her new name - Amapola White - in England and is a poet. Considering that her father was an intelligent man, it is easy to assume that those genes could have been passed down to Rose. Therefore it is not so outlandish to think she would be working as an academic of some sort.

Another theory is that Bundys daughter is living out her days in Oklahoma under the name Abigail.

Ann Rule was a close friend of Bundy's and the author of A Stranger Beside me: The shocking inside story of Ted Bundy. Rule had the opportunity to interview Rose about her father for her book and describes Rose as intelligent and kind. Rule has said that she currently does not know the whereabouts of either Rose Bundy or her mother, nor does she have any desire to track them down.

With no social networks or interviews with the media, is it impossible to pin down Rose Bundy - wherever she is. The public highly criticized her family while Bundy was alive. Even though she was born innocent, she carries a name associated with some of the most despicable crimes. It makes sense that she has chosen to shy away from the public and live in privacy.

It appears that the life of Rose Bundy will continue to remain a secret.