My Love, I’ve Missed You

To you my Love, I’ve missed you.

How are you doing?

It’s been a few years now and I still miss you.

In deep of my heart I still think you will get back to me soon.

So I dont have to write another letter to you.

I mean I dont know really where you are but I try to find you sometimes.

And not being able to find you must mean that you are pretty far away.

You may be thousands miles away but you are still the first thing on my mind when I wake up.

They said the first thing you forget about your past is your first love, but your love lives in me till this day.

I’ll never forget your laugh, your smile, your tears, your love.

I’ll never forget those late conversations till the morning.

It might make you feel happy to know that I still keep the rose you sent to me. Your love is just like this rose it grew everyday .

I refuse to believe that you are gone because I felt you every second of my life.

Why your heart stopped loving me before we got a chance to be together?

I wish I could tell you it is in your smile I saw something more beautiful than the moon.

I wish I could tell you it is in your heart I found something brighter than the sun.

Could I see you one more time walking through my heart? In deep of myself I know that it is impossible.

They said to stop believe in dreams, but my dreams came true. Yes it did the day I met you my Love.

I didnt choose you my heart did.

Loving you was out of my control it was a beautiful destiny that brought us together.

Dear Love, I dont know if you’ll ever get this letter but take care of the pieces of my heart, the ones I’ve left with you.

To you my sweet Love, from the one who loved you deeply.