My Load, I May Carry It Well, Doesn't Mean It's Not Heavy

My Load, I May Carry It Well, Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Heavy

Just because I carry my load well, doesn't mean that it is not heavy

After reading this quote, it dawns on me that everyone is carrying a load. Everyone is not carrying the same weight in their load, but they are carrying it.

Life Can Be Hard

Life is full of sadness and hardship and you should be gentle and compassionate with the people that you meet in life. You do not know what the next person is experiencing in their life.

No one can understand what the next person is going through. Everyone is carrying around their own hurt and sadness. You don't have to understand what they are going through to be kind, gentle, and compassionate.

Sometimes you might forget about the hardships that other people are facing but keep reminding yourself. Remind yourself that you are not the only one carrying a load.

Lookout to other people and assist them. A friendly smile to a stranger, passing by, might just be the thing that lightens their load today.

Yes, you are carrying your own load as well. No one but you knows about the load that you are carrying. Only you will know that.

Other people could be carrying a heavier load than you, or your load could be heavier than theirs. It doesn't matter what the weight of your load is, all that matters is how you are carrying your load.

Keep Faith

Do not let your load get you down. Be encouraged by the fact that everything is temporary. Yes, your load is heavy at the moment and you do not know if you will be able to pull through it. But be encouraged, the hard times will pass. It is just a temporary load.

Remind yourself that carrying this load is not a pointless endeavor. You are not wasting your time by carrying it. The load that you are carrying today is there to teach you. It is there to teach you to still have faith.

It is there to remind you to:

Be kind to other people

To spread love, happiness, and good intentions to others

Keep your faith

Carry your load with dignity and show people how hardship will not get you down. Set an example of someone that makes carrying a heavy load look easy. I do encourage you to not only focus on yourself and your load but to look around you.

Look for people around you that you can assist, assist in carrying their load. You don't have to physically pick up the load and carry it for them but you show kindness.