"My Husband Thinks I Should Fake An Apology": Mom Forces Her 12-Year-Old's Friend To Wear A Seat Belt In Her Car, Ends Up In A Feud With The Friend's Mom

“my Husband Thinks I Should Fake An Apology”: Mom Forces Her 12-year-old’s Friend To Wear A Seat Belt In Her Car, Ends Up In A Feud With The Friend’s Mom

Apparently, some people would never put on a seat belt while driving even though the safety measure was implemented to ensure increased chances of survival during an accident.

What's even worse is that some people are willing to impose these harmful opinions on their kids, which goes to show how harmful bad parenting can be.

Common sense is not that common after all, and a woman found out that the hard way when she found herself feuding with a mom who disapproved when her kids were made to put on seat belts.

Some Parents Enforce Rules When Someone Should Be Enforcing The Parents

It is not always easy making kids play by the rules, and it's even harder when their parents are getting in the way.

Taro, who was carpooling with another mom, tried to get the other mom's kid to put on a seat belt.

She did not seem very keen on complying. For Taro, this should have been a no-brainer.

Taro knew how important it was to put on the seat belt, having lost a friend in a car accident. The fatal outcome would have been avoided if the friend had put on her seat belt.

When The Mom Mentioned The Incident, People Thought She Was "The Bad Guy"

The mom decided to share a story on how the girl and her brother had refused to put on their seat belts, and she was shocked by the reactions she got.

Over time, the kids had learned to play along and put on their seat belts. However, one day, while she was picking them up from school, she stopped on the way and stepped out of the car for a little while.

When she got back, the kids had taken off their seat belts. As usual, they did not want to put back their seat belt.

A standoff ensued, and it lasted for 45 minutes as the mom insisted the kids had to put on their seat belts while they said it wasn't going to happen.

Their parents were eventually called, but that did not solve anything. In the end, the kids ended up doing as the woman said, and they were taken home.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of the drama. Once Taro got home, she got an angry call from the girl's mom.

She was angry that Taro had made her son late for a soccer game.

The woman did not seem at all concerned that the kids were in someone else's car and were therefore supposed to do as they were told.

Eventually, they agreed that the carpooling had to come to a stop.

For good measure, Daniele was no longer allowed to be friends with Taro's daughter. Due to the incident, Taro's daughter is also upset with her and accused her mom of destroying her friendship.

Her husband suggested that she fakes apologizing to the other mom in addition to saying sorry to her daughter. That was the last clear sign that no one supported her until she shared her story on Reddit as an AITA story.

When Taro shared her story on Reddit, she did it to find out how she was in the wrong. The truth, of course, is that she wasn't wrong.

However, although they agreed that it's not right to tell kids not to use seat belts, they did not think it was appropriate to get into a fight with another adult about it, especially the person taking care of the kids.

In fact, some people pointed out that putting on the seat belt was a legal requirement in some countries, which means that Daniele's mom should be the one saying sorry for bringing up such disrespectful kids.

A few thought she dodged a bullet since her friend's kids were ill-mannered, which would have rubbed off on her own daughter.

According To The Internet, Taro Was Not Wrong

The internet thought Taro was right for several reasons, including the fact that she was complying with the law. She was also doing what she thought was safer for her friend's daughter and should not be made to feel bad for it.

In the end, her story got support from 14,000 users and over 2,000 commenters. The top comment got almost 24k upvotes, and many news websites carried the story as well.

Do you think Taro was wrong here? Should she apologize to the other mom as her husband suggests to help mend her daughter's friendship?