Weird Story

My Hairy Armpits Earn Me $20K Monthly And Devotees Call Me A Goddess

An adult content creator stopped shaving her body hair to challenge gender norms. Fans appreciated her new "hairy" style, and she is earning a six-figure salary from selling her photos online.

The woman is known as Cherry The Mistress on social media. Since she changed her career from working as a barista to creating explicit content online, she has made 20 times as much money, around $20k a month.

She uses OnlyFans to reach out to her fans, and she has given up her regular job and college studies to create spicy content full-time.

According to the 20-year-old, it is the best decision she has ever made. She does not mind working 12 to 14 hours a day since she loves her work.

"I've always been a really sexual person and loved expressing myself sexually," Cherry explained.

"I was able to put more time and effort into working for myself."

Her decision to stop shaving was inspired by a sociology course she took.

"We were learning about gender social norms and how there are certain activities and attributes that are learned through socialization over time," she said.

"[It] got me thinking how growing up I was always told to shave by my family and even peers at school, so I did for many years."

When she was getting ready for a date, the thought hit her that the guy was not expected to go through the same cumbersome procedure.

"So I didn't shave," she said. "I will never regret that decision."

Her followers' reaction to her unshaven body has been very positive, according to the OF star.

"Often they express to me how much they love that I don't shave and how my body is naturally curvy and hairy, which is something that they don't see super often," she explained.

Her loyal fans even ask to see her "huge bush and hairy armpits."

"I also get told that I'm a goddess and that I am their dream woman, and it definitely makes me feel so special," she continued.

"Daily, they tell me how much they love my erotic content, and hearing that really makes my long workdays worth it."

Cherry has to manage many tasks during her workdays, including shooting and editing erotic photos and videos, updating her social media platforms, selling personal underwear, and taking care of her adoring fans.

However, like most content creators, Cherry has to deal with her share of haters and critics.

"I usually get hate comments from men, and occasionally some women, calling me gross, disgusting, [a] Sasquatch, unfeminine, and I've also been called a man for having body hair," she confessed.

"I have also been told to shave and that I will be single forever and die alone — which is funny because I've been dating my partner for many years."

Nowadays, she ignores the trolls and haters and focuses on all the positivity instead.

She explained that her fans have helped her feel more secure with herself thanks to their continuous support. They have helped her reach her full potential.

"[They] make me feel so sexy and confident for who I am," Cherry said.