My Ex Has Gotten So Much Hotter Since We Broke Up And It Sucks

It may sound strange, but I feel envious of how attractive my ex-boyfriend has become since we separated. Although he was attractive during our relationship, he now seems to have transformed into an irresistible attraction for people. What's going on?

1. I was always hotter than him

During our college years, my friends would often suggest that I could date someone better than my ex-boyfriend. At 19, while some of our peers looked more mature, he was still struggling to grow a beard. However, I found his youthful appearance endearing. Reflecting on the past, I realize that I may have relied on being the more attractive one in the relationship, although it's hard to admit.

2. He started getting hot at the end of our relationship

As our relationship neared its end, I observed a significant improvement in his appearance. It appeared that he had matured and started taking his looks more seriously, with a more refined sense of fashion and better-fitted clothing. He transformed from a casual jeans and t-shirt guy to someone who wore button-down shirts and stylish Chelsea boots. I was taken aback, especially since I began to notice other women showing interest in him when we were out together.

3. I basically introduced him to the haircut he's perfected as a signature look

The other day, while browsing through his social media (he's the only ex I'm still friends with online), I stumbled upon a photo of him getting a haircut at a barbershop with the caption, "getting my signature look." I was shocked when I read that because I was the one who introduced him to that hairstyle a few months before we broke up. It was nice to see that it suited him, but I didn't know he was calling it his signature look. I mean, he could at least give credit where credit is due.

4. I feel equal parts attracted to and jealous of his newfound hotness

In a weird way, I feel both irrational jealousy and intense attraction towards my ex-boyfriend's transformation. It's strange because I was with him when he still had a baby face, and now that he's grown into his looks, I'm jealous. Although I feel that I've improved my appearance since we broke up, it's not as much as he has. It's like he's just getting started while I feel like I've peaked physically. However, I find him more attractive now than I did when we were together. It's like he's now my type, even more than before.

5. Social media doesn't help my jealousy

Although guys may not openly admit it, we all know they use skin and face-enhancing filters on social media. My ex-boyfriend's social media photos make him look incredibly attractive. He's skilled at selecting the right angles and color schemes that complement his new personal style. It's essential to remember that social media is a tool for creating a curated personal brand that allows people to present themselves to the world however they want. However, it can be both comforting and irritating. He still has our pictures on his social media pages, and scrolling through them shows how much he has evolved. The worst part is that he keeps getting hotter in pictures without me.

6. Maybe he had to reinvent himself

I wonder if he broke up with me and decided to start hitting the gym regularly, got rid of all the clothes I bought him, and revamped his entire style. If that's what happened, I can't really blame him. I needed to reinvent myself too after the breakup. Our relationship was long, and my clothes were all connected to memories. In fact, I reinvented myself entirely by dyeing my hair, selling my old clothes, and buying new ones. Maybe he felt the need to reinvent himself as well, and in doing so, became a total babe magnet.

7. looks aren't everything, sure, but I'm competitive

Although there's no official contest for looking hotter than your ex, if there were, I feel like I would be losing it.

8. My jealousy is totally masking my insecurities

I realize that his newfound attractiveness makes me feel unattractive deep down. I understand this is irrational because we broke up many years ago, and he's not a part of my life anymore, but I have this fantasy that we'll run into each other someday, and I'm afraid he'll be shocked that I'm not as attractive as he remembers. I'm afraid that he'll be hot, tanned, and perfect, and I'll seem dull and unremarkable.

9. Maybe our relationship was holding him back

It's hard to accept, but it's possible that our relationship may have held him back from becoming the confident, attractive guy he is now. As much as I hate to admit it, I realize that I'm not the only one who deserves to grow and evolve from the end of a toxic relationship. My growth manifested in various ways, including an increase in my confidence and self-esteem. Maybe his "signature look" and new style were part of his growth process as well.