My Boyfriend's Gambling Addiction Destroyed Our Relationship

Many of us aspire to become wealthy, leave our jobs, and purchase our own personal island someday. However, if achieving this dream entails deceiving your girlfriend and squandering your savings on gambling, it might be appropriate to reconsider your priorities.

1. It started off small

At the outset of our relationship, he was really enthusiastic about scratch-off lottery tickets. We established a pleasant routine of purchasing tickets at every gas station we visited and scratching them together. While we seldom won more than a few dollars, during a road trip to Arizona, we struck it rich and received $500. However, that was when everything took a turn for the worse.

2. He always found an excuse to gamble

From participating in fantasy football leagues and wagering on horse racing to buying Powerball tickets and hosting poker nights, this man's mind was constantly occupied with gambling. When we organized trips, he would anxiously investigate nearby casinos. His life was centered on finding the next opportunity to gamble.

3. He started slacking at work and prioritizing the gambling

Let's be crystal clear, gambling is not a reliable "work from home" option. It's a game of chance. One of the most regrettable aspects of this entire situation is that he was an incredibly skilled and diligent salesperson. His employers admired him and provided him with numerous chances for advancement. Nonetheless, as his gambling habit intensified, he began to miss work. The enthusiasm he once had for his job had disappeared, and he eventually resigned. He became a professional gambler. Good luck explaining that to your parents.

4. Recklessness is not an attractive quality

It was difficult for me to accept that I could feel repelled by someone I cared for deeply. At times, I would force a smile while internally shouting, "How could you be so foolish?!" He didn't think twice about wagering his entire savings for his habit, which was the most irresponsible conduct I had ever seen in anyone.

5. The lying hurt the most

He assured me repeatedly that he would quit, but it was an empty promise. Instead, he worked harder to conceal his actions so that I wouldn't discover his gambling. It disgusted me that he could make a vow to change while gambling in secret. The deceit shattered me. I spent countless nights awake with a knot in my stomach, aware that I was being deceived.

6. I couldn't tell whether I pitied or hated him more for his addiction

"Pathetic" is a terrible word to use when describing someone, but that's all I could think of as I gazed into my boyfriend's eyes. He had asked me to cover his portion of the rent for a month, and I felt sorry for him, so I willingly offered my assistance. However, when I discovered that he had gambled away the money he could have used to pay the rent, I was furious.

7. One day, he actually won a substantial amount of money

While on a Vegas vacation with his friends, I received a call from him around 3 a.m. It wasn't unusual for Vegas, so I answered, expecting a drunken ramble. However, he was completely sober and informed me that he had just won $250,000 in a intense game of poker.

8. A smart gambler would call it quits after winning, but he just couldn't

Upon hearing the news, I reacted in an unusual manner. While most people would have shouted with joy, I calmly congratulated him. Despite my lack of enthusiasm, he was too excited to notice and promptly hung up the phone to celebrate. It was a momentous occasion, as he had managed to recoup the money he had invested in his addiction. However, I couldn't help but wonder why I couldn't share in his happiness.

9. I tried to be supportive

It was no surprise that the money he had won went straight back into gambling, without any investment or repayment for the rent I covered. He didn't even bother with a small gesture like buying me flowers or a card. It was as if the money had never existed in his wallet. While I loved him and wanted to support him, I had to prioritize my own well-being as his addiction grew stronger. As with any addiction, the addict needs someone to fight by their side, but I had to take care of myself first.

10. In the end, I couldn't stay with him

The thought of our future made me feel sick to my stomach. I couldn't imagine being married to someone who would use their spouse's income to fuel their addiction and a father who couldn't prioritize his own children. Perhaps I could have fought harder for him, but I didn't have the strength. Truthfully, I don't regret my decision.