My Boyfriend Was Cheating, So I Had An Affair With His Manager And Got Him Fired

My boyfriend was cheating, so I had an affair with his manager and got him fired – Lady narrates

Don't get mad, get even, or worse, in the case of Twitter user @iiits_sibu from South Africa.

Payback is a nasty B, and this young lady gave her now ex, a lesson he won't forget.

The confession that shook Twitter

The lady revealed her revenge in reaction to a tweet from another user encouraging women to cheat on men as often as possible:


"Please cheat on men every chance you get", the tweet stated.

Then @iiits_sibu wrote:

I cheated on my ex-boyfriend with his manager and got him fired as payback for him cheating.

The gorgeous woman caused quite a stir since many knew where she was coming from. Others were disgusted by her behavior.

@iiits_sibu made known that she deliberately had an affair with the manager of her boyfriend. She slept with him and made sure to convince the manager to get him fired.

my boyfriend was cheating, so i had an affair with his manager and got him fired

She wanted to get back at him for what he did to her, but it's unclear whether the ex cheated with multiple women or it was something a bit more morally acceptable.

The ultimate revenge

While we have many questions, the most intriguing one is: how did she convince the manager to fire her ex?

Yes, the lady in question is gorgeous, but mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea. And as a manager, the guy in question should've known better.

my boyfriend was cheating, so i had an affair with his manager and got him fired

Though you may judge her actions, her ex started the war; she simply responded. It's safe to say that it's good they broke up because some couples bring out the worst in each other.

Things could be worse, but we're not quite sure how. The thing is that most women simply trash their man's car or throw away his stuff.

But this lady had more guts and, dare we say, bravery, to take things to the next level.


Cheating comes with a price

It's not that most cheaters get caught. It's merely an act of a coward, someone who's weak and can't control their impulses.

Getting even is not a solution since, in the process, you're hurting yourself more than the original cheater.

Becoming as bad they are isn't ideal, but still, sometimes you can't help yourself. Both genders seem to cheat equally, but they deal with these situations in different ways.


And what the lady in question did doesn't respond to usual behaviors from men or women. Even her Twitter response shows that she didn't regret it and took the time to make a master plan.

If the manager were not naïve or careless, she would probably repent her decision. But, unfortunately for her ex-boyfriend, the lady looks like a perfect ten and knows a thing or two about men.

Too bad he didn't see that while they were together. But as they say, there's always one man tired of sleeping with his beautiful wife. Or girlfriend, in this case.


Do you think he'll have the nerve to do the same thing to his next girlfriend?