My Boyfriend Loves Cross-Dressing & I Support Him

My partner enjoys wearing women's clothing on occasion and has a well-maintained collection of wigs to go with them. At first, it was strange to see them dressed as a woman, but I quickly became accustomed to it. Cross-dressing gives them confidence, so I don't see any reason to object.

1. He's not gay, trans, or confused about his sexuality

When I discovered that my partner enjoys cross-dressing, I immediately sat down to have a conversation with them about it. I had so many questions, such as whether they were confused about their sexuality or gender identity or whether I was being used as a "beard" to hide their true self. However, my partner reassured me that they are completely straight and that their love of cross-dressing does not change that. They simply do not feel constrained by societal gender norms and that is a positive thing.

2. He doesn't fit society's ideal of masculinity and that's OK

There is often a societal expectation that men should be aggressive, physically imposing, interested in sports, and assertive in order to be considered "manly." However, my boyfriend does not conform to these traditional ideas of masculinity. He is soft-spoken, avoids conflicts, and doesn't mind letting me take charge. Despite not fitting these typical masculine stereotypes, he is confident in his own ideas of what it means to be a man and does not feel the need to conform to societal expectations. He knows that his own qualities and personality are what make him a man, regardless of whether or not they align with traditional notions of masculinity.

3. He doesn't mind being called a girl

Many men view being seen as feminine or being referred to as a woman as a negative thing. However, my boyfriend doesn't feel that way. In fact, he doesn't mind when people say he acts like a girl. Growing up with two sisters and a strong-willed mother, he knows that being called a girl is not meant as an insult. When he goes out dressed up as a woman, he actually enjoys it when he is able to pass as a female. He has fun embracing his feminine side, so he doesn't take offense when he is referred to as a girl.

4. He's not afraid of his emotions

Many men feel that crying is a sign of weakness and are afraid to show their emotions in this way. However, my boyfriend has a different perspective. He finds crying to be liberating and prefers to express his feelings openly rather than bottling them up. He believes that it is healthy to show emotions and we often spend time talking about our feelings and how we are feeling.

5. He feels comfortable in women's clothes and loves playing with fashion

My boyfriend is confident in his style and doesn't worry about what other people think. When he cross-dresses, he puts a lot of effort into not only looking good, but also feeling comfortable. He wants to look like a fabulous woman and make sure that he won't be in pain or discomfort while wearing the clothes. He has also developed a personal style that he is confident in, whether he is dressing as a man or a woman.

6. Being someone else is refreshing

Sometimes we might feel uncomfortable in our own skin or we might just want to experience what it's like to be someone else for a change. That's something my boyfriend does on a regular basis. He doesn't just cross-dress, he completely transforms into someone else. Dressing as a woman is like a temporary escape from his everyday life. It allows him to be someone else and feel refreshed.

7. He loves himself, and why shouldn't he?

He may not be a narcissist, but he is definitely confident in who he is and doesn't seem to have any self-hatred. It's inspiring to see him embrace everything about himself and carry himself with such self-esteem. He doesn't let his insecurities hold him back and his confidence is evident in the way he carries himself and presents himself to the world. It's truly impressive to see.

8. Cross-dressing makes him feel beautiful

My boyfriend enjoys applying makeup because he finds it to be a form of self-expression and it makes him feel attractive. He takes pride in the time and effort he puts into perfecting his look and is always pleased when others appreciate his work, like his carefully crafted eyebrows or winged eyeliner. In fact, he gets visibly excited and blushes when someone compliments him on his appearance.

9. He doesn't let other people get to him

I have noticed that some people find my boyfriend's cross-dressing to be unusual. They refer to him as a "fag" or "tranny" behind his back or sometimes confront him about it directly to his face. I often feel the need to defend my boyfriend when people speak disrespectfully about his cross-dressing, but he always remains calm and composed. He tells me that if he allows other people's negative comments to affect him, it will only make him unhappy. He is confident in who he is and refuses to let the insults of others change that. I have to admit, I am very proud of him for this.