My Boyfriend Likes Other Girls' Pictures On Instagram & I'm NOT OK With It

I recently came across a photo of a half-naked girl on Instagram's Explore page and noticed that my partner had liked it. Upon further investigation, I realized that my partner has a habit of liking photos of other girls on a regular basis. This behavior is making me feel very uncomfortable and distressed.

1. He Follows Hundreds Of Other Girls

My partner follows over 300 accounts, the majority of which belong to women. While he followed these accounts prior to our relationship, I assumed that once we started dating he would stop engaging with sexually suggestive content on social media. However, this has not been the case and it continues to occur, which makes me feel as though I am not good enough for him to stop interacting with other women online.


2. He Likes The Same Girls' Pics Regularly

I have noticed that my partner shows a particular preference for liking photos of certain women, often those who are dressed provocatively or posing revealingly. This makes me feel worthless because I do not want to be in a relationship with someone who publicly displays attraction to other women on a regular basis. It also makes me feel physically ill to realize that he is looking at and expressing interest in attractive women when I am not with him.


3. He Can't Just Look At It And Move On?

It is completely normal for people to find others attractive, whether they are in a relationship or not. It is possible to see an attractive person while out in public and simply move on without giving it much thought. My issue is that my partner openly likes and follows these women on social media, seemingly not caring who sees it, including me, his girlfriend. While I understand that people may view explicit material in private, actively liking and following women on Instagram feels like a public declaration of attraction, as if he wants others to know that he finds these women attractive.


4. It's So Disrespectful To Me

I do not know any woman who would want to be with a man who consistently likes and follows other women on social media. The fact that my partner does not seem to care if I see this behavior demonstrates a lack of respect and makes me question whether he would rather be with one of these women instead of me. I would never consider liking or following attractive men on Instagram while in a committed relationship, as I believe it is disrespectful to my partner. It is confusing and hurtful to me that my partner is engaging in this behavior.


5. It's Actually A Major Turn-off

Seeing my partner consistently engage with attractive women on social media makes me feel extremely unattracted to him. It changes my perception of him and makes me wonder if I truly want to be in a relationship with someone who is constantly looking at images of women who are not me. It feels as though he would rather look at other women's bodies than be with me. Can't he just view explicit content in private as many other people do?


6. It's Extremely Immature Behavior

I can understand why a teenager might want to follow attractive women and sexually suggestive accounts, but as a grown man, I would expect that he would have outgrown this behavior by now. It seems strange to me that he would not be embarrassed to follow these accounts and have his friends, family, and girlfriend see it. I feel foolish for being in a relationship with someone who engages with these types of accounts so frequently.


7. I Feel Very Self-conscious About My Body Because Of It

I do not have the appearance of an Instagram model with a perfect figure or striking features, and I do not resemble the women in the photos that my partner is consistently liking. This behavior makes me feel paranoid and self-conscious, as if he is comparing my body to those of the attractive women he follows. It is not fair for a partner to make someone doubt themselves and their appearance in this way.


8. I'm Scared To Bring It Up To Him

I consider myself to be a fairly easy-going and open-minded person and do not generally get jealous easily. However, this behavior on the part of my partner is causing me a lot of pain and hurt. While I do not want to appear unreasonable or possessive, it is not acceptable for someone in a committed relationship to constantly show interest in other people in this way. It is understandable to find others attractive, but actively liking and following numerous women on social media feels like a betrayal of our relationship.


9. It's Making Me Paranoid

I checked the "posts that friends have liked" tab on my social media account and noticed that my partner has liked a large number of images of attractive women. While I do not typically pay close attention to my partner's social media activity, his behavior has caused me to feel the need to keep track of what he is liking and following. I have never before felt paranoid or concerned about my partner's social media activity and I do not think I should have to feel that way now.


10. I Don't Know If I Trust Him As Much Anymore

I am now wondering if my partner is as open to interacting with women when we are not together, such as when we are out at a social event. Is he also messaging these women? His frequent engagement with women on social media is causing me to doubt my understanding of who he really is and what his intentions are. It is a troubling and unsettling situation.


11. I Wish He Was Less Obsessed With His Phone

I am physically present in my partner's life, so why does he feel the need to spend so much time looking at photos of women he does not know and will never meet? Is an image on a screen really more appealing than a real-life partner? Sometimes I wish that he did not have a phone, as it might help our relationship.

Why Do Guys In Relationships Comment On Other Women's Instagram Pics?

If you, like me, have a partner who likes other women's photos on Instagram, it is understandable to feel frustrated, annoyed, and hurt. However, it may be helpful to try to understand why someone in a happy relationship might engage in this behavior. Here are a few possible explanations for this type of behavior.


1. He Thinks They're Hot

One possible explanation for this behavior is that simply being in a relationship does not change someone's ability to recognize and appreciate beauty in others. It is possible that your partner sees a photo of a woman and simply thinks she looks attractive, leading him to express his appreciation by liking the photo. While this behavior may not be acceptable to you, it is important to recognize that it is not uncommon for people in relationships to find others attractive.


2. He Doesn't Really See A Problem With It

It is possible that your partner does not view liking other women's photos on Instagram as a significant issue because he does not see it as cheating or inappropriate communication. If none of his previous partners have expressed concern about this behavior, he may not realize that it is a problem. He may see it as a simple expression of appreciation and not consider the impact it could have on you or your relationship.


3. He Doesn't Think You'd Care

Your partner may realize that liking other women's photos on social media can be perceived as flirtatious, but he may think that you are confident and secure enough in your relationship to not be bothered by it. Alternatively, he may be trying to convince himself that it is not a problem in order to avoid accepting responsibility for his actions. Regardless of the reason, it is important for him to know that his behavior is causing you concern.


4. He's Just Being Nice

If your partner is a genuinely kind person, it is possible that he likes other women's photos on Instagram because he believes it is a friendly or thoughtful gesture. He may understand the positive impact that likes and comments on social media can have on someone's self-esteem and want to make others feel good. While it is possible that this is his intention, it is also important to recognize that there are other ways to be kind and supportive without causing discomfort in a relationship.


5. He's Considering Cheating (or Already Is)

It is possible that your partner is liking and commenting on other women's photos in order to get their attention or to maintain a connection with them. This could potentially indicate infidelity or inappropriate behavior. While it is important to consider all available information and not rely solely on social media activity to make conclusions, this behavior can still be a red flag and cause for concern in a relationship.


What To Do When Your Boyfriend Likes Other Girls' Pictures On Instagram

If this behavior is causing you discomfort, it is important to address it. From my own experience, I understand how upsetting and frustrating it can be. It is necessary to take action and address the issue.

1. Stay Cool And Collected

It can be tempting to approach this conversation with anger and accusations, but it is important to avoid yelling or immediately accusing your partner of cheating. Men are generally not receptive to extreme displays of emotion, especially when they are disproportionate to the situation. It is helpful to take a deep breath and try to stay calm before discussing this issue with your partner. He will likely be more receptive to your concerns if you are able to maintain your composure.


2. Tell Him Straight Up How You Feel

It is important to be direct and straightforward when discussing this issue with your partner. Tell him exactly how you feel and make it clear that you do not appreciate his behavior on other women's social media pages. While he may not think he is doing anything wrong, it is important for him to understand that his actions are causing you upset as his girlfriend.


3. Ask Him Not To Do It

Once you express your discomfort with your partner liking other women's photos on social media, he should understand the impact it is having on your relationship and offer to stop this behavior. He should recognize that this issue, while seemingly small, is causing conflict and causing you pain, and he should be motivated to address it and resolve the issue.


4. If He's Unwilling To Compromise, Your Relationship May Be Over

It is ultimately up to you to determine if this behavior is a dealbreaker in your relationship. However, if your partner knows that his actions are causing you pain and is unwilling to change them, it can be a cause for concern. This may indicate a lack of respect for your feelings and a lack of care for the well-being of your relationship. If this is the case, it may be necessary to reevaluate the status of your relationship.