My Boyfriend Is "Ugly" & It's The Best Relationship Ever

In the past, I prioritized a man's appearance over his personality. As long as he was physically attractive, his character was not as important to me, but it often resulted in dull conversations. However, for my current relationship, I made a conscious choice to value inner beauty. Despite my boyfriend not fitting conventional beauty standards, I have never been more content.

1. We Have Better Conversations

Compared to my previous relationships, I find that I can engage in more meaningful conversations with my current boyfriend. Unlike before, I no longer waste time and energy arguing with him over other girls messaging him on social media or his commitment to our relationship due to excessive time spent at the gym. Instead, I'm able to focus on more important topics such as our values, aspirations, and future plans, including our thoughts on different societal issues, our dreams, and the possibility of starting a family together. This shift has led to a more rewarding and fulfilling relationship.

2. He Makes Me Laugh

Before meeting my current boyfriend, I was unaware of how much enjoyment I had been missing out on. He has a knack for finding humor in everyday situations and encourages me to not take everything too seriously. Adopting this more laid-back approach to life has had a positive impact on my happiness. He effortlessly brings a smile to my face, and his ability to do so is truly remarkable.

3. There's No Pressure To Please

In my past relationships with conventionally attractive partners, I always felt the pressure to maintain a certain appearance, avoid gaining weight, and constantly dress to impress. This required a significant amount of time and effort on my part. I also felt like I needed to always be "on" to ensure that my partner found me attractive in comparison to other women. It was a burden that became overwhelming to deal with.

Now, with my current boyfriend, I no longer feel the need to prioritize these superficial concerns. I can dress and look however I please without worrying about his judgment or comparison to other women. I can relax and focus on enjoying our time together without the pressure to maintain a perfect appearance, which has been a significant relief.

4. I Can Be Myself

With my current boyfriend, I no longer feel the need to strive for perfection in our relationship. Instead, he accepts and appreciates me for who I am, which is an amazing feeling. I no longer worry about saying or doing the right things to boost his ego or keep him interested in me. I can focus on my own happiness and well-being, which has made our relationship feel significantly more fulfilling.

5. He Notices The Little Things

During our conversations, my boyfriend always remembers the little things that I say, like buying my favorite health drink when we go hiking, or giving me his pizza crusts when we dine out because he knows how much I enjoy them. It's heartwarming to know that he's paying attention to my likes and dislikes and not just focused on himself.

6. He Makes Me Want To Be A Better Person

My boyfriend's thoughtfulness has inspired me to reciprocate and do nice things for him in return. Being in a relationship with him has helped me become less concerned with my insecurities and more focused on how I can be a better partner and a kinder person to him and others.

7. We Can Have Tough Conversations

My boyfriend has a unique way of calling me out on my mistakes without making me feel like a terrible person. It's refreshing to have such honest and candid conversations with him. In my past relationships, the delivery of criticism was often harsh, leading to unnecessary fights. However, my boyfriend's loving approach has taught me how to handle criticism constructively and use it to improve myself.

8. He Becomes More Attractive To Me Each Day

I know it may sound cliché, but it's the truth - my boyfriend is incredibly loving and attentive. He supports and encourages me in everything I do, and always expresses gratitude when I do something special for him. He values and respects my opinion as if we are equals, which has deepened my love for him more and more as I get to know different sides of his personality.

9. We Don't Have Trust Issues

I no longer worry about who my boyfriend is texting or the girls he spends time with because he has reassured me of his commitment, and I trust him. Perhaps his physical appearance also plays a role in the sense that he doesn't attract as much unwanted attention from other women, which further strengthens my trust in him.

10. He Sees Me For Who I Am

He sees me for who I am beyond just my physical appearance, including the makeup and all the superficial things. This is because I don't feel the need to pretend or be perfect all the time when I'm around him. His acceptance and non-judgmental attitude has allowed me to open up to him in a way I've never been able to with any other guy before. It's a little scary to think that I could have missed out on such an amazing person if I had remained as vain as I was before.