My Boyfriend Is 6'8, And I Am 3'11, But We Don't Give A Damn What People Think

People are worried that a height gap of almost 3 feet between Jake and his girlfriend Airika affects their love life.

She can only get as far as his waist when the two are standing next to each other.

The OnlyFans model has come out to say that she does not care what people think of their massive height difference.

However, that has not stopped several people from sharing their opinion about the fact that she is 3'11'' and her partner is 6'8''.

The 22-year-old model is under 4 feet tall because she has dwarfism. However, the couple is not as concerned about their heights as some people seem to be.

Together, they have created several TikTok videos, which they share through their joint account, jakeandairika.

Erika, who goes by the name Airikacal on OnlyFans, introduced her partner to the world with the "hit chu wit d blick" dance craze.

Dirty-minded viewers have been asking questions about the kind of love life the two have in consideration of their height difference.

One of the users asked, "Bro, how do active activities work he so tall?"

Another joked that what they had was essentially a long-distance relationship.

A different user said, "She doesn't even have to kneel."

Another user said, "this reminds me of the train and the tunnel," in reference to a viral meme about a large train being forced through a small tunnel.

The couple replied to a user who seemed to have endless questions.

They claimed that many of their questions would be answered if they got onto the model's OnlyFans page.