My Boyfriend Dresses Like A Slob And I Am Embarrassed To Go Out With Him


As someone who works in the fashion industry, I appreciate things that look good. I know not everyone is interested in high-end fashion, but I do expect a certain level of grooming from my partner. Unfortunately, my boyfriend doesn't quite meet that standard, and it's really starting to bother me.

1. Shabby Chic Is Not A Thing!

After meeting my boyfriend at a festival, I was initially charmed by his casual and relaxed attire. Being with him was enjoyable and lighthearted. However, as we began going out on regular dates, I realized that his laid-back style was not just for special occasions and did not translate well to daily life. He consistently looked as if he had just woken up. Bringing him to my favorite brunch spots caused me great embarrassment as others stared. To avoid such situations, I have been spending more time with him at home.

2. He Won't Buy New Clothes

I've tried to talk to him about it and encourage him to try out some new clothes, but he insists that he's happy with what he has and doesn't need to change. He thinks it's liberating to dress the way he does, but I think he's taking it too far. I mean, who doesn't like to dress up every now and then?

3. He Won't Dress Up For Special Events

He arrived at my friend's wedding wearing joggers, a t-shirt, and sneakers. I was embarrassed by his attire, and though he dismissed my concerns, the thought of introducing him to my friends was too overwhelming. I lied to get him to leave, saying I needed to spend time with my friends alone. If he won't make the effort to look presentable at a wedding, can I rely on him to support me in more important matters?

4. He Says That His Way Of Dressing Helps His Creative Process

He's a conceptual artist and insists that wearing his preferred outfit helps him get into his creative zone and enhances his productivity. Despite my inquiries, he argues that he has grown accustomed to this attire and sees no reason to alter it.

5. He Doesn't Iron His Clothes

It seems like he's too lazy to put any effort into his appearance - he just puts on whatever's available and leaves the house. Ironing clothes, especially when they're worn out, should be the bare minimum. I sometimes worry that this lack of effort will affect other areas of our relationship.

6. He Looks Homeless

It's not immediately apparent that he has his life together based on his appearance. Although his artist friends seem to approve of his unconventional style, most people find it unacceptable. I can't bear the thought of being seen with him looking like that.

7. He's Charismatic, Which Draws Too Much Attention

One of the reasons I ended things with him is because he's very sociable and enjoys interacting with others. This would be fine if he dressed better, but his current attire is already embarrassing. Why attract more attention to himself and me?

8. He Refuses To Take Fashion Advice

Despite his frequent compliments about my appearance, he dismisses my fashion advice and refuses to take it seriously. He believes that it's superficial to invest too much effort in one's appearance. I've attempted to convince him that fashion can be an outlet for creativity, but he remains unmoved. His work colleagues are typically artistic individuals, which makes it even more challenging to sway him towards trying something new.

9. He Credits His Fashion Sense To Saving The Planet

He claims that his clothing choices are eco-friendly due to their cost-effectiveness and minimal contribution to waste. While it sounds admirable, he frequently wears the same four outfits and only replaces them when they're almost falling apart. Even then, he seeks out discounted clothing options in unattractive styles. I'm often at a loss for what to do with him.