My Boyfriend Cheated On His Girlfriend To Be With Me — And It Affects Us Every Day


My current boyfriend and I got together in an unconventional way: he cheated on his girlfriend with me. It's a complicated situation, and it has definitely had an impact on our relationship.

1. I Feel Like He Only Cheated Because He Was Unhappy

I could tell that he was stressed before he broke up with his girlfriend. He wasn't just cheating on her but also because he knew that he didn't love her anymore and was unsure of what to do about it. He explained that he had been unhappy for a while, and no one should have to live that way.

2. I Don't Completely Trust Him

Despite understanding why he did it, I can't help but see him as someone who has cheated, and it's challenging to move past it. Sometimes, I get paranoid about whether or not he's being truthful.

3. A Part Of Me Knows He Did It Out Of Love

My initial thought was that he cheated because he was afraid to end things with her and hurt her, but I would like to think that he did it because he loves me that much. I know that cheating is wrong, but since I'm now on the other side, I'm grateful he did it.

4. He Claims To Have Never Cheated Before, So I'm Telling Myself It Was A Fluke

He has told me that he only cheated once and swears by it. I genuinely want to believe him, and I mostly do. There's just a tiny part of me that doesn't, but maybe that feeling will disappear. After all, he doesn't seem like the type of person who would cheat.

5. I Like To Believe That I'll Be The One Who Changes Him

Just because he was unfaithful to his girlfriend, it doesn't mean he'll cheat on me. I believe I'm different, and he only cheated because he felt unappreciated or stuck. I trust that since he took a risk for us, he's committed to us and would never do anything to jeopardize it.

6. I Feel Like Everyone Has Cheated At Least Once

My theory is that everyone has cheated, even if it's just emotionally. We've all let our minds wander and sought comfort in someone else instead of our partners. We've all flirted with someone while our significant other was away. So, in a way, everyone cheats to some extent.

7. His Girlfriend Was Apparently "crazy"

Even in the case where he wished to end things with her, she would not comply. It appears she possesses a volatile temperament and would lash out if he broached the topic of taking a break. Perhaps infidelity was his means of escape without incurring the wrath of the tiger.

8. I Get Stressed When He Comes Home Late Or Goes Out Without Me

I never imagined I would become the type of girlfriend who is always suspicious, but that's exactly what's happening. Whenever he comes home later than planned or alters his schedule, doubts creep into my mind, and it bothers me. I do my best not to inquire too much, but I can't help myself, especially after what occurred.

9. I Think Less Of Him Because Of It

Although we've resolved the issue and he assured me that it wouldn't happen again, I can't help but view him differently because of it. I have this notion that he lacks self-control and is foolish. Despite my love for him, these thoughts creep into my mind from time to time.

10. A Part Of Me Is Afraid I'll Never Be Able To Fully Trust Him

Suppose a decade passes, and I'm still pondering over it? I dread the possibility of looking into his eyes on our hypothetical wedding day and seeing him as an unfaithful partner. I'm genuinely apprehensive that's the path I'm headed towards.