My Boyfriend Cares More About Video Games Than He Does About Me

It can be exhausting to love someone unconditionally, flaws and all. My experience with being in a relationship with a guy who has a severe addiction to video games has been frustrating. Despite my constant complaints and nagging, I am still left watching him stare at the TV screen for hours on end. It takes up all my energy to be understanding, but I continue to try.

1. Our Relationship Wasn't Always Like This

At the start of our relationship, my partner was everything I wanted in a significant other: caring, fun, attentive, and he never played video games. We enjoyed exciting dates and long conversations about our goals and aspirations. However, things have changed, and I feel like I have been replaced by a pile of plastic and cords as he spends all his time playing games.

2. I'm Actually Worried For His Health At This Point

I worry about my partner's health as he sits for hours on end playing video games. It's not healthy for him to do nothing for so long, and I fear he could gain weight or lose feeling in his lower body. How long can he sit there before it has a detrimental effect on his health? It would be good for him to take a break, get some sunshine, and move his limbs to increase circulation.

3. I Know I'm Annoying When I Nag, But I Didn't Sign Up For This

Despite my awareness of my own annoyance, I can't seem to stop yelling at my boyfriend. Whether it's about his gaming habits or his lack of productivity, I can't help but express my dissatisfaction. I never signed up for a relationship with someone who is content with being lazy and disconnected from me. It's not fair, and if things had been like this from the start, I wouldn't have gotten involved with him.

4. I Offer Things The Video Game Can't

While my boyfriend may enjoy the thrill of hatching eggs and discovering new dragons in his games, those digital victories can't compare to what I can offer him in the bedroom. It seems foolish for any man to give up physical intimacy, but when I bring this up to him, he insists that there's more to a relationship than just sex. I agree, but I need to feel a deeper connection with him beyond the screen.

5. Listening When I Talk Would Save Him A Lot Of Time

It's frustrating when I try to communicate with my boyfriend and he appears to be completely tuned out, fixated on the TV. When I ask if he's listening to me, he often spits out a response that's irrelevant to the conversation. This leads to arguments where we eventually address our emotions. If he would simply listen to me from the beginning, he could avoid unnecessary conflict and save himself the pain of hearing me raise my voice.

6. Having Him Help Me Around The House Would Make Me Happy

It would be greatly appreciated if he could assist me with the household chores. It wouldn't take much time or effort to tidy up the living space before he indulges in his gaming hobby. However, I usually return home to a messy house while he idles away playing games, which is frustrating.

7. We Both Work, So It's Only Fair

My workload is equal to his, and I ensure that he has clean clothes to wear and food to eat every day, in addition to managing my own responsibilities. It's only reasonable that he shares the burden by helping out with the household chores. If I were sitting at home doing nothing all day while he was working hard, then I could understand his perspective. A relationship should be based on equality, shouldn't it?

8. He's Wasting Time Playing His Game When He Could Be With Friends And Family

It's challenging for me to comprehend a man's thought process. I would assume that he would want to spend time with his family or engage in activities with real people, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Life is fleeting, and I would hate for him to waste it engrossed in a fantasy world while playing video games. The people we care about, such as our family and friends, should take precedence.

9. I Love Him, But It Has To Stop

Walking away from a relationship is never an option I want to consider, but constantly repeating myself can become unbearable. After an hour, we try to reconcile and behave like mature adults. We have implemented various strategies to address his video game addiction, but it can still be a challenge. Hopefully, he will outgrow this phase and move on from video games eventually.

10. I Don't Deserve This — I Know My Worth

Despite feeling upset about video games, I remind myself that I deserve better. It may seem silly to get so worked up over a game, but feeling unimportant is hurtful. I long for the affection of the boyfriend who once regarded me as his everything. Although he acknowledges his mistakes, he struggles to listen to me before it's too late. Despite his annoying addiction, he is an incredible individual.