My Boyfriend Always Wants To Have Sex And I Just Can't Keep Up

I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a few years and I adore him completely - except for one thing. He would be content having sex almost constantly, but I'm unable to maintain that pace any longer. I believe this not only affects me but also our relationship as a whole.

1. It's starting to make me question our relationship

I can't help but question if sex is his only priority. My perfect evening would involve cooking dinner, watching movies, and engaging in meaningful conversation, but he seems solely focused on when he can have sex with me again. I'm starting to wonder if our relationship is based on the right reasons. While I value the importance of sexual intimacy, I also crave a deep emotional bond.

2. It makes me less attracted to him

The constant pressure from my boyfriend to have sex is causing me to lose interest. It makes him come across as needy and clingy. Every time I reject his advances, he seeks reassurance that I still love and desire him. At times, his persistent demands can be a turn-off, leaving me feeling drained. I long for the confident and self-reliant man I originally fell for.

3. I wonder if he's a sex addict

I can't help but speculate if there's more to my boyfriend's constant desire for sex than meets the eye. Could he be struggling with sex addiction? During the initial phase of our relationship, his high sex drive felt natural and exciting, but as time passed, my needs have shifted while his have intensified. It's almost as if he has become fixated on sex.

4. I feel like I should give in just to please him

In a relationship, it's natural to want to please your partner. However, when I refuse to have sex with my boyfriend, I fear that I am disappointing him and damaging his confidence. I find myself torn between wanting to express my love for him and enforcing my own boundaries (and expecting him to do the same). Sometimes, after a long day at work, I simply want to sleep, but I'll give in to sex to avoid an argument, even though it may not be what I truly desire.

5. He always wants to try things I'm just not ready for

When my boyfriend suggested having a threesome, I wasn't prepared for it and didn't feel ready, but I reluctantly said yes to please him. He then immediately started downloading dating apps and began browsing through profiles of girls, asking me for my opinion on their looks. The experience left me feeling emotional and tearful, but he appeared to be oblivious to my feelings. Later, I had to explain to him that I wasn't interested in pursuing a threesome, and it made me feel inadequate and not enough for him.

6. I worry that he might cheat on me

I understand that everyone has their physical needs, but my boyfriend seems to be more insistent about his than most. When I refuse to have sex with him, I'm acutely aware that he may seek it out from someone else. This concern often leads me to give in and have sex even when I'm not in the mood. I find myself constantly worrying that he may be cheating on me, just so he can satisfy his sexual cravings. If he hasn't cheated on me in the past few years, it would genuinely surprise me.

7. It makes me feel insecure about my own sexuality

During sex, I often lack the confidence and passion that I used to have, which I know my boyfriend can sense. I wonder if it's because I'm no longer as interested in sex with him as I once was. Sometimes, I even question if it's me who has an abnormal sex drive and if he would be better off with someone else who could satisfy him more fully.

8. I feel like I'm being used

I can't help but wonder if I'm enabling my boyfriend's potential sex addiction by always giving in to his demands. It makes me question whether he's only with me because I provide him with regular sex. Whenever he tries to initiate sex, it doesn't feel genuine or natural anymore. Instead, I find myself judging him for being so fixated on sex. I wonder how much longer our relationship can continue like this.

9. It makes me wonder if all men are this way

Sometimes, I find myself wondering if my boyfriend's insatiable sex drive is just a problem that comes with being with a man. While it's true that men tend to have a stronger sex drive than women, I can't help but wonder if all men really want sex all the time. It makes me worried that if we were to break up and I were to enter another relationship, I'd just end up facing the same issues all over again.