My BJ Game Is Strong — Here Is What I Do To Blow Guys' Minds

Certain women may experience fear or uncertainty when it comes to performing oral sex on their partners. However, with some straightforward advice, it's possible to elevate one's technique and provide an exceptional experience. Throughout the years, I have gained valuable insights into delivering outstanding fellatio. These tips are easy to implement and can help you enhance your abilities. Your significant other will undoubtedly appreciate the results, and we can both take credit for a job well done.

1. I use lots of spit

One of the most essential aspects of performing fellatio is the use of adequate lubrication. Insufficient saliva may result in discomfort for the partner, requiring an increase in manual stimulation that can cause discomfort or pain. In contrast, there is typically no such thing as too much lubrication, as it helps to maintain a pleasurable sensation throughout the experience. By ensuring that there is sufficient lubrication, you can keep the process smooth and enjoyable for your partner.

2. I use both my hand and mouth

While it may seem like common sense, not everyone realizes the importance of incorporating manual stimulation when performing fellatio. The hands play a crucial role in enhancing the experience, and it's essential to use them alongside the mouth. Personally, I prefer to alternate between my left and right hand, ensuring an adequate amount of lubrication is present throughout. Sometimes, I may use only my mouth, while at other times, I use both my hands and mouth in unison for added sensation.

3. I switch up my tactics

Repeating the same motion over and over again can quickly become dull. To keep things exciting, I switch between using my mouth and hands during fellatio. By varying the speed of my hands or pressing my tongue against the shaft, I can maintain a high level of interest and anticipation in my partner. Of course, if he is particularly enjoying a certain technique, I will continue, but I aim to keep him guessing and on the edge of his seat.

4. I use my mouth like a vacuum

Here's a little trick that never fails to drive men wild with pleasure. While performing fellatio, I suck in as if drinking through a straw while moving my mouth up and down. I'm not entirely sure of the science behind it, but it never fails to elicit a positive response. Although it may feel a little strange at first, I assure you that it's well worth the effort.

5. I keep using my hands when my mouth gets tired

Taking breaks during fellatio is perfectly acceptable. After all, it can be physically demanding to keep a penis in one's mouth for an extended period. However, by using hands in conjunction with ample lubrication, the process can continue uninterrupted. If necessary, I have no problem taking a complete break. Still, I find that using my hands while my mouth rests is a perfectly suitable alternative.

6. I have a firm grip

When it comes to manual stimulation during fellatio, finding the right balance between tightness and looseness is critical. While it's rare for the grip to be too tight, I tend to maintain a firm grasp throughout. A loose grip may not provide enough stimulation, leading to an unsatisfying experience. Ultimately, finding the ideal level of pressure is key to providing an enjoyable and pleasurable experience for the partner.

7. I ask them what they like

While I have my own ideas on what feels good during fellatio, ultimately, the partner knows their preferences best. As such, I ask them what they like and encourage them to show me. While some may respond with "just keep doing what you're doing," others may prefer different techniques. Regardless, my aim is always to cater to the individual's needs and desires, even if my general approach tends to work well for most people.

8. I communicate while it's happening

During fellatio, asking questions such as "How does that feel?" or "What do you like?" can be effective in ensuring that the partner is enjoying the experience. While there may not be much conversation during the act itself, taking the time to check in periodically can help to establish a stronger sense of intimacy and ensure that both partners are satisfied.

9. I let them assist if they want to

It's essential to establish clear communication and boundaries during fellatio. While I firmly reject any attempts to force my head down without my consent, I am open to partners placing their hand on their shaft during the act. Additionally, I'm comfortable with partners assisting with the speed, as long as we've discussed it beforehand and I've given my consent. Ultimately, communication is key to ensuring that both partners are comfortable and satisfied during the experience.

10. I get in position for endurance

Prior to engaging in fellatio, I take steps to ensure that I am physically comfortable and prepared to spend a significant amount of time in that position. This includes tying my hair back tightly and ensuring that my legs have ample space to move. By setting myself up in this way, I am able to maintain a comfortable position for an extended period, even if it takes a while for my partner to reach orgasm.

11. I do some ball play

Not all men enjoy having their balls played with during fellatio, so it's important to communicate with your partner and ask if they're interested. If they are, incorporating some ball play can enhance the experience and increase their arousal.