Mum Kicked Off Easyjet Flight For Wearing ‘low Cut Top’

A mother of two was left feeling disgraced after getting kicked off an EasyJet flight for wearing an excessively revealing top. This sounds ridiculous because air hostesses are famed for their skimpy clothes.

So, it is quite unexpected that they would kick a 31-year-old off a flight for wearing a low-cut top.

Harriet Osborne was devastated after the decision. She was going to visit a relative for a week and was at the Malaga air terminal.

The trip did not materialize since she met with an airline steward who had an issue with her dressing. The worker even tried to cover up the woman with her hands.

Apparently, some travelers could see Harriet’s areolas through her dark top. The woman insisted she was wearing areola covers and tape.

She Was Told She Couldn’t Get On Wearing That

mum kicked off easyjet flight for wearing ‘low cut top’

It was then she was informed that she could not board the flight with the clothes she was wearing:

The group were repulsive and caused me to feel modest. She said to me, ‘Goodness, move aside,’ and attempted to cover me up with my hands.

She stated, ‘You’re not going ahead my plane that way — you have to put a top on’.

After the clothes she was wearing became an issue, she tried to put on a friend’s jumper. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough.

She still wouldn’t be let back on the plane:

At the point when I attempted to get back on she gone to the ground group and stated, ‘She’s not going ahead my plane’.

I was accompanied away from the airplane. I was in stun. It was so chauvinist.

I just burst out crying. We needed to stroll back through the terminal where Spanish police halted to address us. They were bewildered when I revealed to them for what reason we’d been commenced.

After the ordeal, the woman had to pay for a flight home with her friend. They spent the time at the Malaga air terminal.

She Only Dressed Like That Because She Was On Vacation

mum kicked off easyjet flight for wearing ‘low cut top’

Harriet admitted that this was not her typical style of dressing. She only did it because she was going on a vacation.

However, the nasty experience left her disinterested in the short holiday she was about to take.

EasyJet came out in defense of their worker’s actions saying that Harriet was ‘troublesome.’

Still, they admitted that she obliged when told that her top was too revealing. They said that she still continued to be a problem:

Anyway she at that point continued to act problematically towards an individual from our group.

Our lodge and ground group are prepared to survey all circumstances and to act rapidly and suitably. We don’t endure oppressive or undermining conduct towards our staff.

Ideally Harriet won’t be deterred from wearing what she needs later on; nobody ought to be disgraced for their decision of attire.

And just like that, Harriet’s travel plans were ruined. All because her top exposed too much.