Mum Jailed For Raping BOTH Of Her Daughters' Boyfriends, Aged 14 And 15

Mum Jailed For Raping Both Of Her Daughters’ Boyfriends, Aged 14 And 15

Carol Lytle, 41, will be spending four years behind bars for raping her daughters' boyfriends. The boys were aged 14 and 15 when the woman gave them alcohol before taking advantage of them.

The woman went to a lot of lengths to seduce the boys. Often, she would drive for 15 miles to have sex with them without anyone knowing.

At one time, one of the boys sneaked from their home and got picked up by Lytle. She then drove him to her house.


While there, they had sex before she drove him back to his parent's home at 5 in the morning before his parents got up.

mum jailed for raping both of her daughters' boyfriends, aged 14 and 15

However, when the story first came out, the woman was able to avoid jail due to a lenient judge. Unfortunately for her, that has now changed.

She will have to do 4 years in prison and get registered as a sex offender for life.

A mother to one of the boys helped caption this reality in court:

"Your name will always be equated with being a sex offender and rapist because that is what now defines you."


However, a father to one of the boys pointed out that what had happened to his kid has changed his life forever:

"My son was manipulated by a pedophile and his life has changed forever… Her going off to prison can't change the damage she has done to my son. But watching her get handcuffed is going to put a smile on my face."

mum jailed for raping both of her daughters' boyfriends, aged 14 and 15

Clearly, this woman went a little too far. Having sex with one of her daughter's underage boyfriends is insane enough, but raping both of her girls' boyfriends is something of an unbeatable crazy record.

Just like she disrupted these boys' lives, her life will change forever now that she is behind bars. She will be identified as a pedophile all her life.

Although the boys were manipulated, the truth is that they were still in support of these crazy sexual encounters.


These days, it seems like jail terms are what await adults who have consensual sex with underage kids, regardless of whether they are male or female abusers.

Truthfully, this has to suck for her daughters. Going forward, they will have to be very careful about bringing their partners close to their mom, being the vicious sexual predator she has proved herself to be.