Mum Goes On Taken-Style Mission To Avenge Her Daughter's Death

Mum Goes On Taken-style Mission To Avenge Her Daughter’s Death

For three years, a Mexican mom was busy on a spirited Taken-style mission to avenge her daughter's unjust death. Karen Alejandra Salinas disappeared, and Miriam Rodriguez, her mother, set out in search for her.

The 20-year-old's captors sent her mother ransom demands to secure her release. Unfortunately, that never happened since her body was found abandoned in a ranch in 2014.

The daring mom's mission was first reported by The New York Times. The mom then went after those who were responsible for her daughter's death.


At first, the mom was begging a gang member to let her daughter go free. However, the gang member said that his cartel never had her daughter.

He was, fortunately, willing to help the mother find her for a price. During the conversation, she heard his name, Sama, said on the radio.

That got her going, and she got on social media to see if she could find him. Luck was on her side as Miriam was lucky to find his profile after recognizing him.


She even found his location, which was an ice-cream shop located in Ciudad Victoria. The destination was just 2 hours away.

mum goes on taken-style mission to avenge her daughter's death

Miriam went to the shop, and she waited for weeks before Sama eventually showed up. When he did, she managed to follow him home while pretending to be an election official.

That is how she managed to get more details about him.

She also used a disguise to find other people involved in Karen's death. Not only did she change her appearance, but she also had to pretend to be other people.


Her intention was to get as close as she possibly could to the Zeta cartel members, who she believed to have been behind Karen's murder.

Miriam went as far as meeting the families of these culprits to gather more information about them. This included meeting grandmothers and even cousins to get their addresses.

Armed with this information, she began tracking the culprits down. She met one of the men involved in her daughter's murder in an alleyway and with her gun to his back, she said:


"If you move, I'll shoot you."

She found that some of the culprits were living comfortable lives with new and respectable jobs. Amazingly, she managed to round up 10 members of the Zeta cartel and got them all arrested.

The saddest thing is that her mission came at a price.

As she was chasing one of the very last targets, she was shot 12 times in front of her home. She did not survive the attack.


However, her death was not in vain, and her tireless effort did not go unnoticed. In the city of San Fernando, they erected a bronze plaque in her honor.

Although Miriam set out on a dangerous mission that cost her her life, her daughter would be incredibly proud of her boldness. That's why this story is both sad and inspiring.