Mulan To Be Released Directly On Disney+ In September

Mulan To Be Released Directly On Disney+ In September

Mulan, the much-anticipated live-action version of a classic and adored Disney film, will be released in September.

On 9 March, Disney held a fabulous red carpet premiere in LA after which Mulan was expected to roll into cinemas within a short time.

Many fans have been eagerly waiting for the film to finally see the light of day and would have flocked to cinemas on 27 March, when it was meant to be released, but everything was postponed due to the Coronavirus.


It was then announced that Mulan will see its theatrical release on July 24, but that had to be postponed as well.

How Will We Get To See Mulan?

With the Covid-19 pandemic still being an active health risk, another plan had to be made.

Fortunately for fans, the film will still be released this year, coming to Disney+ in September.

The action film, which stars Yifei Liu, will be available on Disney+ as a 'premier access' feature from September 4.


'Premier access' means that even if you have a Disney+ subscription, you will still have to pay $29.99 to see Mulan.

Of course, this is to help the studio make its money back. It can't sell physical tickets to the film in a theatre as it normally would.

So, if you don't mind paying the extra money on top of your subscription, you can watch Mulan from the comfort of your home.

The release is not a new approach that is likely to become a habit for Disney+. It will be a one-off type of thing.


Mulan will be released in theatres in markets that don't have access to Disney+ so everyone can watch it.

Making History

The film is one of the only massive Hollywood releases that have a predominantly Asian cast. This is quite an impressive feat and something that will be remembered for sure.

The story of a Chinese female warrior disguising herself as a man is one of wonder. And, she does it to spare her father from war conscription - she's braver than most. Mulan has captivated millions as a cartoon and fans can't wait to see how it looks in live-action.


Fans can't wait to see how it looks in live-action on their screens.