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'Mugshawtys' Is An Excellent Twitter Page Dedicated To Criminally Hot Mugshots

‘mugshawtys’ is an excellent twitter page dedicated to criminally hot mugshots

It is no secret that conventionally attractive people get some attention wherever they go, and jail is no exception. A popular Twitter account now collects the prettiest mugshot pictures.

Felons want to be on 'Mugshawtys'

With the growing popularity of the Twitter account 'Mugshawtys,' the owner now has plenty of choice on photos to feature. In fact, tens of women send him their mugshots in the hope to appear on the page and become viral.

Josh Jeffrey, the 24-year old electrician who runs the account, told about his idea in an interview with The NY Post. Then, he shared how many people voluntarily send their own pictures for a chance to be briefly famous. He said:

"A lot of people send me their own mugshots — I get probably 15 to 20 plus DMs a day of different ones. A lot of what I post is submissions. They definitely want some kind of exposure."

Here are some of the ladies who appeared on 'Mugshawtys':

More than just a wish for celebrity

Far from only looking for some Internet fame, some of these women are actually quite forward-looking. In fact, their main goal is to catch the attention of men willing to provide bail money and help them out of jail.

It is a tough world we live in, where resourcefulness is no doubt a quality to admire. Although, if you can, staying out of trouble in the first place might be a better idea.