Moving On, How To Stop Thinking Of Someone

It's a power struggle we all face. Whether a relationship falls apart, the connection isn't there or they just aren't interested, you will have to MOVE ON. It's a tough obstacle to hurdle, but with the right tools, it will become easy in no time.

You may have made the choice to pursue other options, or you may have no choice at all. Either way, I applaud you for looking to the future. Bright things are coming. Here are some tips on how to stop thinking about someone.

1. Delete their contact info

No, not just phone numbers. I'm talking about completely deleting these people. Facebook, Instagram, any possible way to get in contact with them. Without seeing them constantly pop up on your feed, they will not constantly be popping up in your head.

2. Stay occupied

It's important to keep your mind busy with other things and events. Go frequent your girlfriends' house, find a new show to binge. Keeping your mind occupied will leave little room for your mind to wander to the person you are trying to forget. Find a hobby to fall in love with, it will make it all the easier to keep your brain at full capacity.

3. The best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else

No, I don't mean literally (unless that helps you). But you could be facing the loneliness factor, and finding someone who peaks your love interest will draw your mind to them. This will help in forgetting someone, even if it's just for the sole purpose of moving on, it's okay to see what else is out there.

4. Avoid them

If you got to know this person well, it's probably best to avoid them. Do not run into them purposefully. Find a new gym to work out at, frequent a different local pub. Anything you can do so you do not have to physically see this person will keep you from thinking of them. It would probably be best to lose contact with anyone who is close to them. They will only remind you of that person and maybe even try to discuss them with you. Talking out loud is a lot more than just thinking, and may do more harm to your mental health.

5. Think negatively

I mean about their negative traits. It's important that if they cross your mind, you don't dive into why you loved them and miss them so much. Think about why you (or they) made this decision, why it's for the best. Think about something you find awful about them. Thinking negatively in this aspect will allow you to appreciate why you have this fresh start away from them.

6. Be kind to yourself

Do not go casting blame on yourself, but thank yourself. Thank yourself for being able to walk away from a possible toxic situation. Acknowledge that you enjoyed what was, but it's not what it could be. And thank yourself for realizing this.