Move Over Hot Bodies: Science Says The Time Has Come For Dad Bods To Shine

Move Over Hot Bodies: Science Says The Time Has Come For Dad Bods To Shine

Ripped guys have hogged all the attention for as long as we can remember, and they still enjoy it. But now, dad bods are getting a lot more nods today.

In a recent study, it was discovered that most women like dad bods over muscular bodies with six packs. Interesting, isn't it?

1. Planet Fitness Behind The Study, Surprisingly

Planet Fitness believes that health should be 'judgment-free.' This should better explain why it would be behind this kind of study. The fitness enterprise caters to over 2,000 adults over the age of 18.


2. Dad Bods More Acceptable

Back in 2018, 63% of people admitted that there was nothing wrong with dad bods. That figure has risen considerably ever since. Today, 71% of people think dad bodies are okay.

If the trend continues, having a dad bod will soon be preferable to having a hot body.

Therefore, if you have been working had to get rid of that dad bod, you might want to hold off on your plans for now. Male physical fitness might be headed where you already are.


3. Guys Also Have No Problem With Them

Previously, guys were pretty hard on themselves for not having classic ripped bodies. However, as per this current study, 79% of men are quite comfortable with their dad bodies.

As a matter of fact, many of them believe that having these bodies has caused a significant improvement to their lives.


Nearly 50% of them admit that being comfortable in these bodies takes off the pressure of having to worry so much about their physique.

No wonder many men have no problem with dad bods. This kind of physique means they don't have to put as much effort into their workouts to look hot and ripped. Let's face it, that is often an unattainable dream for many gym-goers.

4. Dad Bods Project Confidence

About 80% of women and men who were asked about dad bods admitted that these guys had greater levels of self-esteem. That is a good thing, generally speaking.


Guys with dad bods are laid back and relaxed. That is attractive as it shows they have confidence in who they are and how they look. Consequently, having a dad bod and being confident about it is a great thing. On top of that, guys with these kinds of bodies are generally seen as being more cool and more comfortable in their own skins.

5. Dad Bods Allegedly Hotter

Many people plainly believe that dad bods are just more attractive. According to the study, 65% of the participants admitted to this fact. Additionally, 61% openly admit that a man with a dad bod was even 'sexier.'


A further 51% went as far as saying that dad bods were the new six-packs. That is another way of saying that they would pick a dad bod over a six-pack. We can't say for sure if the entire world is there yet. But it's certainly something to consider in case you were beating yourself up over having a dad bod and not a six-pack.