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Mountain Dew Will Be Releasing A Mystery Halloween Flavor In August

Are you thirsty for a Halloween treat? Mountain Dew "VooDew" Mystery flavor will be hitting shelves in August 2019.

Well, I have to admit that 2019 is just flying. School's out, and Halloween talks have already started hitting in town.

I honestly expect that the next time I'll be visiting Costco, I'll probably see a display of Christmas lights. But I'm not ready for that yet.

I hope you're ready for a Halloween-inspired sip!


Credit to Mountain Dew Makers: They Aren't Afraid to Try Something New

A team of Mountain Dew crew at PepsiCo is always willing to experiment. They'll try just anything to see whether their new invention will hit the market.

As long as the invention fits the drink's image, as a perfect accompaniment to an intense video game binge or extreme sports, the team won't hesitate to introduce the beverage to us.


Mountain Dew's Halloween treat is Coming Early, Mystery Flavor Due to Hit Shelves in August

For Mountain Dew enthusiasts, you're probably aware of the impending arrival of the "VooDew" treat.

Pepsi's new drink was trademarked in October 2018, and photos of the bottle popped up in March this year.


According to, VooDew description states:

"VooDew is a variant of Mountain Dew which is white in color, which is similar to White Out. However, since VooDew is a mystery flavor, its official flavor is not known as of May 28th."

"A review on Youtube by myCountryMarket stated that VooDew smelled like Fruit Loops and tasted like an Orange Creamsicle pop."

The website added:


"VooDew is a Mountain Dew flavor variant that will be officially released in stores on August 26th, 2019 and until late October 2019 (Quarter 4), in the United States as a limited-edition flavor for the Halloween season of 2019."

Photos of the bottle design have been circulating on Reddit and Instagram, showing a new 2019 Mountain Dew VooDew Mystery Flavor slated to be here before the fall holiday.


VooDew Mystery Flavor Isn't Similar to Other Mountain Dew Flavors

The typical Mountain Dew is bright green in color, but this new beverage takes on a white-clear hue.

This cloudy white color doesn't give a clue to the flavor of the drink. Nor does the purple and orange label. All we know is that the new product is just a limited edition.


The ingredients, which are listed on the label, are chemical gobbledygook.

According to nutrition facts, "VooDew" contains 270 calories, 90 grams sodium, 73 grams carbs, 73 grams sugar, and no added fat.

Some Folks are Suggesting How the Drink Might Taste Like

An Instagram user, @its_g_up, described that the drink tastes like "orange cream or candy corn."


Also, the "Two Bald Guys" from "My County Market," talked about it on YouTube and came up with their own taste test.

According to their verdict, the beverage tastes like "orange vanilla." We expect the drink to be sweet, and perhaps with some added orange undertones.