Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx Calls Pearl Jam "Boring" After Vedder Diss

Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx Calls Pearl Jam "boring" After Vedder Diss

It feels like we are back in the early 90s, as two significant bands are feuding over the media. Grunge veterans Pearl Jam were called "boring" by legendary metal band Nikki Sixx.

It all started when Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam talked to The New York Times and recalled one of his oldest gigs, back in the late 80s, where he worked with the band he "despised."

Vedder, who was not in Pearl Jam yet at the time, said:


"I'd end up being at shows that I wouldn't have chosen to go to — bands that monopolized late-'80s MTV. The metal bands that — I'm trying to be nice — I despised. Girls, Girls, Girls and Mötley Crüe: [expletive] you. I hated it. I hated how it made the fellas look. I hated how it made the women look. It felt so vacuous."

Vedder continued explaining why he despised some metal bands, saying that Guns'n'Roses "at least had some teeth." He added that he appreciated he was part of the alternative Seattle crowd, as "the girls could wear their combat boots and sweaters, and their hair looked like Cat Power's and not Heather Locklear's."


Eddie explained that he had nothing against Heather by implying that the Seattle scene was respective towards women:

"They weren't selling themselves short. They could have an opinion and be respected. I think that's a change that lasted. It sounds so trite, but before then it was bustiers. The only person who wore a bustier in the '90s that I could appreciate was Perry Farrell."

Heather Locklear was once married to Tommy Lee of Motley Crue.


Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue then tweeted his response, calling Pearl Jam "one of the most boring bands in history."


Sixx continued by comparing Vedder's vocals to singing with "marbles in your mouth." He also replied to a Pearl Jam fan, writing:

"Remember there were zillions of brown-haired bands for brown-haired fans…..Go find them. You will know them by the bored look on their face."

Nikki previously stated that grunge bands did not kill Poison and similar bands, but they did it themselves by being repetitive. He added that Crue "simply imploded."


One thing is sure: Seattle's grunge bands showed respect to women, while most metal bands objectified them. If you have doubts, check out the love lives of the leading figures from each camp.