Motherhood Quotes That Have All The Exhausted Moms Saying 'Same'

motherhood quotes that have all the exhausted moms saying ‘same’

Many women will not bat an eyelid as they tell you that motherhood is one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. There is an unparalleled honor in being a mom.

However, there are moments when moms ask themselves if they got shortchanged.

Motherhood is an exciting journey, and it can often seem overwhelming to many women. However, many moms have realized that many other women in their position face the strange realities they go through.

So, here are a few quotes from moms that have had other moms saying "I know."

1. Everyone Else Comes First

As one mom realized, signing up for motherhood meant that everyone else literally came first.

You've probably heard of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Whenever Goldilocks tastes Mama Bear's porridge, it's always cold.

They don't go to the trouble of explaining why Mama Bear's porridge is forever cold, but most mothers secretly know the answer. The mom was busy taking care of everyone and didn't have time to enjoy the meals with everyone else.

2. It's The Small Things That Matter

To a mom, the small things everyone never seems to give much thought to mean the world. With hardly enough time for everything on their schedule, moms consider a peaceful trip to the bathroom a luxury.

3. You Aren't Really In Charge

Just because you are taking care of the kids, it does not mean you are the boss. It's a constant power struggle, and you have to pick your battles.

Sometimes you are nothing more than a servant to tiny kings and queens.

4. It's A Lifetime Gig

Moms realize that they have been mothering for years, and then it dawns for them that they will never get a break from making meals for everyone in the family. As a mom, you soon realize that you will be in charge of family meals all your life.

Being a mom might be one of the most rewarding things ever, but this honor comes at a cost. Raising kids and keeping a family together takes a lot of effort, and your priorities in life change quickly as soon as you take on this role.