Mother Turned Her Own Son In To Police As She Was Afraid He Would Attack School

In 2019, Nicole Schubert, a courageous mother, faced a tough decision when she suspected that her teenage son might be plotting an attack on his school. With the Ulvade school shooting tragedy still fresh in people's minds, which claimed the lives of 21 individuals in Texas, she turned her son over to the authorities. Schubert recently revealed that she found her 17-year-old son's journal while tidying up, nearly two months after the horrific incident.

1. Schubert's Son's Notebook Contained Some Terrible Things

During an interview with Good Morning America, she disclosed that her son had documented "detailed" schemes of carrying out a killing spree. In his journal, he expressed his intention to begin by murdering his mother before proceeding to target his high school in Washington State, harming everyone in his path.

2. Her Son Originally Denied Everything In The Notebook

After discovering her son's journal, Schubert confronted him about its contents. Despite his claim that it was merely a fictional tale, Schubert, being a mother, sensed that something was off. While her initial instinct was to safeguard her child, she realized that he would be better off behind bars. As a result, she contacted the authorities within hours of discovering the journal. "If there's a possibility to save even one person, one child, I think it's worth it," she said.

3. Schubert Understood That This Was About So Much More Than Just Her Son

According to the mother, she had numerous acquaintances with children attending the same school, and her son's actions could potentially jeopardize the lives of "hundreds of people" while also impacting them in various ways. Given her prior discovery of a suspected makeshift pipe bomb in her son's room, she could not dismiss his written plans lightly and had to take them seriously.

4. Her Son Was Arrested And Charged

After pleading guilty to a felony offense of making bomb threats and causing property damage, as well as multiple misdemeanor charges of harassment, the teenager received a sentence that required him to complete a rehabilitation program and carry out community service as part of his punishment. Following his completion of these penalties, he underwent a medical assessment.

5. Schubert Has Some Advice For Other Parents

It's crucial to remain vigilant, regardless of how confident you are in your parenting skills or how unthinkable it may seem for your children to engage in atrocious acts. As per Schubert, parents should consistently monitor their children's activities, even if they object. While it's expected that children may not approve, it's the parents' responsibility to stay informed about their offspring's lives. It's essential to be attentive and watch for red flags. Often, children's actions will reveal when something is wrong.

6. For Anyone Wondering, She Doesn't Regret Turning Her Son In

"Obviously we can't control our children's actions all the time, who can? But there are signs that you know something's not right… I was in his room [asking] 'what are you doing, where are you going?' all the time, and he hated it, but he's alive, and everyone's alive."