Mother Tied Up Son With Autism And Set Him On Fire


A mother from Milwaukee faces life in prison after tying up her 4-year-old-son with seven belts before burning him to death in the bathtub.

According to Fox 6 News report, Amelia Di Stasio, 23-year-old, was charged with first-degree intentional homicide after burning her son to death.

The incident was reported to emergency services by a neighbor who noticed smoke coming from Amelia's apartment.

When firefighters arrived at Amelia's home, they discovered that the smoke was coming from a stove as well from what they had presumed to be a burning pile of clothing in the bathtub.

But the officials were in shock when they discovered a lifeless child with his hands tied up behind his back with seven belts and a plastic baggage bag placed over his head.


A bottle of Canola oil was in the bathroom sink.

Fire injuries on the majority of the boy's body

Police launched an investigation after the firefighters reported finding Antonio's body burned in the bathroom.

Antonio's body had "significant charring" on the skin and fire injuries on "the majority of his body," according to the autopsy report.

The police also found a pet guinea pig drowned in the tub, and the apartment's smoke detector had been removed and submerged in water.


Police began a search for Amelia, who had fled the scene before firefighters arrived.

Investigators spoke with one witness who lived in the same apartment building as Amelia. The neighbor reported that Amelia and Antonio had moved in into the apartment just two months before the incident.

She says that that Amelia "wasn't friendly and kept to herself."

The neighbor also said that the night before Antonio's murder, she heard Antonio shouting, "Please, Mommy. Stop! I won't do it again." And the mother yelled, "Shut up."


The second witness revealed that she saw a woman, "frazzled," jump off the apartment building's windowsill.

Amelia's arrest and disturbing messages

Later that day, people saw Amelia walking along W. Wisconsin Avenue, and she was arrested.

During a search in her purse, the police found a handwritten note with a woman's name and a telephone number.

When the police called the number, they spoke with a man and his wife, who reported that they met Amelia while catching a bus from Waukesha.


They said that she had asked them whether they knew a pastor because she needed to talk to somebody.

She told them, "I did something really bad," and she had "never did nothing like that before."

Horrifying messages, presumed to be for a "horror survival game," were also on her phone:

"How do canabals (sic) die."

"How to kill a canabal (sic)"

Another message has recommended that the first way to kill a cannibal was to "kill it with fire."