Mother Smothers Her 3 Small Children While Singing Softly To Them And The Father Was In The Next Room

Mother Smothers Her 3 Small Children While Singing Softly To Them And The Father Was In The Next Room

Although they say a mother's love never ends, this time, it seems like it did. A monster mother smothered her three kids while singing to them as their dad sat in the next room.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction because such actions are rare even in the eeriest horror movies.

When you think back on the love your mother had for you when you were a little kid, it's hard to make sense of this level of insanity.

Most moms stop at nothing to make sure their children are safe. Even the thought of their children being at risk worries the hell out of them.

We get that not all moms are the same. Some never cared about their kids, but Rachel Henry took things way beyond reason.

The 22-Year-Old Woman Did The Unthinkable

The fact that this mother had the cruelty to smother all the three kids to death is truly shocking. The sick woman even managed to sing lullabies to the kids as she suffocated the life out of them.

That is probably why their father did not know anything was going on.

Apparently, it started as the mom was playing with the kids.

She got on top of her two-year-old daughter. The poor little girl couldn't breathe, but the senseless mom didn't budge.

The worst was still to come because she went on to put her hand over her 3-year-old son's mouth as she smothered the girl. The boy even tried to punch her in the face to make her stop.

Unfortunately, he was not strong enough to stop her. She only let go of the girl once she stopped kicking.

After this horrifying incident, the dad came home along with their aunt. Soon, the boy was busy playing with a family member.

The homicidal mom was not done: she took the boy under the pretense of changing his pants. However, she brought him to another room and suffocated him as well.

She sang to the boy as he scratched and pinched her in a hopeless fight for his life. The boy's 7-month sister was next: her mother also smothered her as she sang her a lullaby.

Nobody Saw It Coming

After the horrific string of murders, the woman was arrested. Soon, the world learned of the evils she had done.

Many of her friends and family members were very shocked by the woman's actions. Surprisingly, none of them admitted to having noticed signs of disturbing behavior before.

However, the children's father was probably more shocked than others because he never imagined that his wife could be capable of something so cold-blooded.

What does the monster mom have to say about all this? Apparently, at the time she committed the murders, she felt like she was losing her mind.

Although she will not be winning any mother of the year awards in this lifetime, she is clearly right about losing her mind. No mother in her right mind would even come close to doing something so sinister.

For now, we have to wait and see what the jury will have to say about these senseless and heartbreaking killings.