Mother Slammed For Naming Her Daughter After Her Favorite Strain Of Cannabis

For making the controversial decision to name her daughter Indikah, a mom has been labeled as "trashy." Indica is the woman's favorite strain of cannabis.

The criticism started after posting a photo of her little girl during her first day at school with a tag to a cannabis enthusiasts' page.

According to many people, this was not a very smart decision.

The mother was also roasted on Instagram because she had given her daughter a name just like a popular cannabis strain.

She Named The Girl Indikah

At first, the photo the mom posted was quite innocent. She posted it on Instagram.

However, the controversial caption had the story shared on Reddit as well.

mother slammed for naming her daughter after her favorite strain of cannabis

Her caption started out beautifully enough with these touching words:

"Indikah's first day at preschool today! Spread your wings baby girl, the world is a beautiful place to explore."

The problem was that the mom tagged an Instagram page related to cannabis on the post.

mother slammed for naming her daughter after her favorite strain of cannabis

In case you have never heard of Indica before, the term is used to describe a weed strain that offers soothing and medicinal properties. The full name for the plant is Cannabis indica.

Due to these properties, the strain is mainly used at the end of the day since it induces sleep and offers comfort to chronic pain sufferers.

Although most people realize that the plant offers several health benefits, some had a problem with anyone named after it, let alone a kid.

Reddit Users Were Not Amused By The Strange Name Choice

Predictably, Reddit users were not amused by the mom's weird name choice.

To some of them, the name was "trashy" and "cringy." Still, there were those who believed the name was absolute "bada**."

A Redditor could not wrap her head around the fact that this mom would give her daughter such a name:

"I can't believe someone called their daughter Indikah. Well, I kinda feel it is very possible, I just can't comprehend it."

Another commenter noted that this might mark the beginning of another crazy naming trend:

"This will be the next fad. It will replace Crystal/Krystal soon."

However, another commenter was quite angry and admitted to being baffled by someone's decision to name a child after weed. This person argued that the girl would be the object of mockery because her pothead parents gave her a marijuana-based name.

Apparently, according to a person who revealed that a friend had named his son Thadius Henry Cox, this is nothing strange, so his initials would be THC. Therefore, this lady is hardly the first person to pay tribute to her favorite herb using a name.

According to another person, it could have been much worse:

"I legit went to high school with a girl name Mari Juana (last name)."

Someone even came forward to explain that they were named Marijane because mom loved cannabis:

"I was named Marijane, my mum was a little on the nose with her love of cannabis."

Although what this woman has done is quite controversial, it is nothing completely out of the ordinary. People have been named after weed before, which is not the last time it will be happening.