Mother Prohibited From Her Children's Football Games Gets Last Laugh As She Becomes Millionaire

Sara Blake Cheek was heartbroken when she was expelled from her children's football team, but she has since gained both fame and fortune in the realm of Playboy and sports.

The mother of four was expelled from her children's sports franchise due to her creation of a controversial OnlyFans account. However, she is now enjoying the ultimate success story, having built a multimillion-dollar empire.

The former salon owner has now graced the cover of Playboy magazine and is gaining recognition as a leader in the sports industry.

Alongside Sara Blake, the American Football enthusiast co-hosts The Coach JB Show, and has also made guest appearances on both ESPN and Fox Sports.

The 31-year-old blonde beauty believes that her success story proves that women can achieve incredible things through OnlyFans.

"Landing a Playboy cover is something you dream of," she shared in an interview.

"And dominating as a Playboy bunny in the sports industry as a mum of four, an OnlyFans creator, and a wife is literally something nobody has been able to do before."

"I keep saying this is only the beginning. I have maintained being a top creator on OnlyFans and have made a million dollars."

Sara remains undeterred by the criticism of others.

In her own words: "The perception that doing OnlyFans will prevent you from having a career is an outdated judgment made by the Karens and Steves of the world."

"Being bold in your sexuality is actually a superpower. Not many people assume I am intelligent or knowledgeable in the sports industry, so when I am able to prove them wrong, it's winning."

"If you want to do OnlyFans and be successful at it, you have to know your brand and have extremely tough skin. You will get a hundred nos before you get one yes when pursuing a career outside of it. Well-behaved women rarely make history."

Sara's choice to join OnlyFans in June 2020 had consequences, as she currently lives in Florida with her husband and children.

With hair salons forced to close due to the pandemic, Sara turned to the risqué platform.

As a result, she was subsequently prohibited from participating in her local children's football team, where her kids had previously played and cheered.

"The fact that I was banned from my kid's football league for doing OnlyFans was so detrimental because we are a football family," she explained.

"The cheerleading coach demanded that I not be allowed to attend anything with my kids and that all communication only is through my husband or my daughter wouldn't be allowed to cheer."

"I have always been the girl that would rather talk about the playbook, triple option, recruiting, and stats over recipes or TK Maxx finds," she added.

"I grew up playing sports and doing competitive dance. We are the family that spends all day Saturday with a game day spread, we have five TVs going in our den with every college football game on."

Sara finds it "ironic" that despite breaking barriers for other glamorous women in the sports industry, she is still prevented from attending her children's games.

Despite facing criticism from other mothers, the mom-of-four recently bought a six-acre property for her family.