Mother Left Embarrassed After Two-Year-Old Shares Her Nude

A mother of a two-year-old girl learned the hard way that it's not a good idea to let kids that small use your phone.

Emily Schmitt made the big mistake of letting the little one play with her phone while she was drying her hair after a bath.

She thought she was keeping her daughter, Carsyn, busy but was actually supplying her with a tool to embarrass her in front of friends and colleagues.

The toddler's clever little fingers were able to take a photo of her mother's naked behind. That in itself can be a bit embarrassing. Of course, things didn't end there.

Carsyn somehow managed to send the photo of her mommy's bare butt to 15 of her contacts on Snapchat.

The unsuspecting mother didn't even know what happened until a co-worker sent her a message to thank her for the nude.

Emily Was Horrified

mother left embarrassed after two-year-old shares her nude

The mom of four children felt mortified to know that so many people had seen her natural assets.

She thought she had died for a moment and then came back to life to explain what happened.

Apparently, Carsyn is quite a wild child. Emily described her as 'feral' and a toddler who just cannot be tamed.

Emily certainly learnt her lesson and might not trust the little one with her phone ever again.

Everyone Jokes About The Incident

mother left embarrassed after two-year-old shares her nude

Although Emily is really embarrassed, the people around her seem to take the incident as a joke.

She works at her parents' real estate brokerage and had to face her parents as well as colleagues the next day.

When she walked in, her father announced that the company 'porn star' had arrived. She quickly responded by saying she's going to quit.

Despite feeling rather humiliated, Emily decided that she should be open about the affair.

Rather than hoping the incident will be forgotten soon, she shared her experience on social media.

mother left embarrassed after two-year-old shares her nude

As a result, Emily got many people to chuckle and laugh out loud - it is a funny story, after all.

She felt that in this dark and twisted world, people could do something to make them forget and laugh for a bit.

By choosing to share the story on a Monday morning, Emily helped many people's week to start off on a lighter note.

Emily's story is very relatable, as well. Most parents have been embarrassed by their children's unpredictable behavior at one point or another.

Instead of getting mad and upset over these little but humiliating moments in our lives, we should do what Emily did - see the funny side.