Mother Hits Teenage Daughter With Flip-Flop From Impossibly Long Distance

Mother Hits Teenage Daughter With Flip-flop From Impossibly Long Distance

Not everyone can throw an object long and precise. But this is an incredible moment after an upset mom launched a flip-flop at her fleeing daughter with an incredibly long-range shot.

Parenting is sometimes the most unappreciated job ever. You raise your kids, watching them grow up from a bundle of joy to an untamed tantrum nightmare. What's more, it is suffering their stubbornness as they go through puberty and always blaming you for their terrible life.


Puberty is admittedly one of the toughest childrearing stages, leading to some of the stupidest arguments. Kids can even find themselves hating their parents for absolutely no reason.

When arguments with your teenager son or daughter erupt, most parents let all slide because they were teens once. They know how hard it can be.

However, some parents are a bit temperamental, and they will not tolerate their kids when it comes to quarrels. And these fights can go out of control, and that's when you'll feel a flip-flop launched on your head.


No One Does It Like A Mom

A video showing a mom's incredible aim to strike her teenage daughter with a sandal from an impossibly long distance has gone viral for all the good reasons.

The footage shows the parent walking out into the street to pursue her daughter, who ran away after a heated family row.

Unable to run after the daughter, the mom took off her flip-flop. She leaned up the seemingly impossible shot, chucking it over 30 meters down the street. The slipper hits the teenager between her shoulders, bringing her to a halt.


In the video's background, a man is saying: 'Go on, hit her, hit her!'

And the flip-flop incredibly flies as straight as an arrow before hitting the daughter between the shoulders. Although the mother was pretty far away, she nailed the throw and whacked her daughter, a hit that caused her to stumble on the street.

After striking the daughter, the mother is laughing so hard that she leans on a car for support.


This footage was shared on Twitter and has garnered over 1.3 million views and 60,000 likes. Social media users claim the mother appeared to be world-class in the noble 'chanclazo volador' (flying flip-flop), a popular way for Mexican moms to punish disobedient daughters.

One person said:

"That flip-flop has a heat-seeking radar for sure."

Another added:

"All my respect and admiration to that lady! That should be an Olympic sport!"