Mother Daughter Relationship Problems

Mother Daughter Relationship Problems

They can be the best of friends; talking about all sorts of stuff for hours on end. But in a minute, all that can change, and you can witness a most dramatic fallout.

Yes, Mothers And Daughters Around The World Are Notorious For Their Love-Hate Relationships

A mother often feels she is doing what's best for her daughter. But the daughter often feels she knows what's best for her.

Therein lies the problem.

But that's not how it should be. A mother-daughter relationship can work, despite differing points of view.

The Key To Any Good Relationship Is Communication

Through communication, the differences that pop up between mothers and their daughters can be resolved for the sake of peace.

Although linked by blood, mothers and daughters can be different people. They can also be very similar, almost like sisters.

Funnily Enough, It's The Similarities That Often Bring Conflict Into Mother-Daughter Relationships

For instance, when the daughter loves being the center of attention, just like the mother, some rivalry is bound to arise as they compete for the limelight.

Also, if the mother had to cut short her studies due to her fondness for boys, and the daughter follows in the same footsteps, the mother can be too hard on the daughter. She would do this to direct her towards a better path in life, but the result would be a serious conflict.

Daughters Have An Issue With Their Mothers Wanting To Know Everything They Are Up To

It often seems intrusive and controlling.

But as the daughter, understand that your mother means well. She has been through what you are experiencing, and she knows a few ways you can avoid the traps that lie in your path.

Sure, as an independent thinker, that's not what you want. But understand where your mother is coming from.

If You Still Feel You Cannot Handle The Extra Scrutiny, The Answer Is Still Communication

Come clean on what you feel and assure your mother she doesn't have to worry so much about you. Let her know you have a firm grasp on the contentious issues and she will feel comfortable backing off.

And to the mothers, let your daughters be. I'm pretty sure you desired the same thing when you were her age when your mother tried to track your every move.

When Conflicts Arise, Be Open And Honest, And Make Sure There's No Communication Breakdown

That means keeping your interactions respectful and honest.

Generation gaps might be an issue too.

You might have grown up at a time when you did whatever your mother said without question. But your daughter is being raised at a time when kids are told they have a voice. That can be a problem.

At the end of the day, even if you don't always agree, don't hurt each other or force your opinions on each other. The greatest bond between mother and daughter should be love, not conflict and drama. And love bears all things.