Mother Allowed 8-Year-Old Daughter To Get Pregnant By Her Husband, Allowing Him To Rape Her Repeatedly

mother allowed 8-year-old daughter to get pregnant by her husband, allowing him to rape her repeatedly

North Carolina mom let paedo husband rape 8-year-old girl until he got her pregnant so she could be his 'concubine.'

According to reports, Marcy Lynn Helms, 39, allowed her husband Brandon Irving Helms, 34, to rape her daughter for more than seven years. He even impregnated her.

The pedophile, however, didn't stop there. He continued to sexually assault the girl even after she gave birth to his child.

Speaking to Forsyth Superior Court, prosecutors described the horrors Marcy and Brandon subjected the victim to.

They revealed that Brandon started abusing the girl when she was just eight years old. He also raped her when she was 13.


When the girl was 15, he assaulted her and, this time, impregnating her. He continued to rape her throughout the pregnancy.

When the time came to deliver her abuser's child, the mom and husband didn't take her to hospital.

Instead, the girl endured two-and-a-half-day labor with no medical assistance. She delivered her child on a table.

The mom and husband also didn't seek any medical attention for her after the birth.


The family soon became homeless, forcing the girl to move into an abandoned house with her baby. Still, Brandon continued to assault her sexually.

In Winston-Salem, police started investigating the pair after social services received calls about a family living in an abandoned house.

Responding officers revealed the house had no running water, 'smelled of human feces' and had unsteady floors. It also 'had a tarp covering a hole in one of the ceilings.'

The officers found five kids in their care, including one toddler, the girl and her baby.


While police questioned the girl, she didn't say anything. However, when they took her to the hospital, she told doctors how Brandon abused her since she was eight.

Following an investigation, police filed a slew of charges against the pair.

During a court hearing, Assistant District Attorney Kia Chavious said Brandon had told his wife he wanted the girl to be his 'concubine.'

The pair even forced the girl to call him 'lord.'


Prosecutors added that Brandon raped the girl in different houses and cars. In his defense, he claimed he had started a religion to justify abusing the child.

Helms then entered an Alford plea to more than 20 charges, including statutory rape of a child and felony child abuse.

The court sentenced him to between 88 and 136 years in prison. Also, if he ever gets out while still alive, he would have to register as a sex offender.

Meanwhile, his wife pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting her husband. Prosecutors said she knew of the abuse her daughter went through but did nothing to stop it.

The jury sentenced her to 18 years in prison.