Most Memorable Moments From The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Comedian Ellen DeGeneres is known worldwide for her daytime comedy talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The show has been running for nineteen seasons and features many memorable, heartwarming, and funny moments. As the show ends, we thought we'd look back on the most memorable moments in the show's history.

Scaring Taylor Swift

In the build-up to Halloween in season 7, Ellen created a segment from scaring her guests before they came on her show. She has frightened many people in the past, but the one everyone remembers is Taylor Swift. Ellen is hiding in a fake dressing room, and as Taylor walks into the bathroom, Ellen jumps out at her screaming, causing Taylor to fall to the floor! She quickly realizes that it's a prank, and they are on the floor laughing together by the end.

Push-up Contest With Michelle Obama

In 2012, Ellen was into its 9th season, and one of the biggest names in the world at the time was Michelle Obama, First Lady of US President Barack Obama. Michelle had been spearheading an exercise campaign and had been praised for how toned she was. Ellen took this as an opportunity to see if she could "walk the walk" and challenged Michelle to a push-up contest. Michelle blew Ellen out of the water, completing 25 push-ups and showing America how healthy she really was.

Sofia Vergara Costume

Ellen loves to go all out for Halloween, and season 10 was no different. Ellen also has a penchant for dressing up, whether it's celebrities or fictional characters. She loves a theme, and who doesn't? A theme can help make many things more interesting, whether parties, restaurants, or online casino games like those offered by Amatic slots. In this episode, she surprised guest Sofia Vergara by dressing up as her for her introduction! The dress matched the one that Vergara was wearing during her wardrobe malfunction at the Emmy's, complete with a cheeky rip on the back of the dress. The audience and Sofia found it hilarious, and the bit ended with the two dancing at the end.

Anaconda Wraps Around Ellen

In season 5, Ellen had animal expert Jeff Corwin on her show, and he brought with him a special guest of his own - a massive anaconda! Jeff asked Ellen if she would like to hold the snake, which she agreed to, but it soon became clear that the snake wanted to get to know Ellen more intimately. It quickly wrapped around her body, with its tail reaching an area that Ellen wouldn't have been expecting! It created a lot of laughs and is undoubtedly one of the stand-out moments from the show.

Ryan Gosling Lift

In 2017, Ellen was into its 15th season, and her guest in this episode was Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling. He had just finished La La Land alongside actress Emma Stone. After a cordial introduction, Ryan asked Ellen if she was mad at him. He explained that he only got a quick hug, compared to his last visit when Ellen leaped into his arms. After reminding her of that, he stood up and gracefully lifted Ellen into a cradle position, much to the audience's delight.


Across nearly two decades of broadcast, The Ellen DeGeneres Show has had many outstanding moments. These are some of the best we could find, but you can find dozens more online. If you miss Ellen when it's gone, you'll have plenty of videos to remind you how great it was.